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  1. Why would you take the best bit of a Zetec (head) and replace it with the worst bit of a CVH (head).. and then compound that by removing fuel injection and replacing with a carb?...... Mind blown.
  2. Why are you spacing it out? Is the disc sitting in the right place relative to the calipers without spacers? If so, don't use spacers!
  3. Just in case Evo vanishes off the face of the internet one day, why not join this group I just created to stay in touch: https://www.facebook.com/groups/198080160602226/
  4. Just in case this forum gets closed down, stay in touch here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/198080160602226/
  5. Seems a bit weird to build an engine of that spec to then choke it with a single throttle body?
  6. It will run lean on the 1.6 management. You risk damaging the engine.
  7. Which flywheel are you using? The zetec block has a hole for mounting a CPS. Would it not just be a better idea to fit an OEM 36-1 flywheel and sensor package which you know will be reliable rather than bodging some aftermarket/homebrew solution? The Burton trigger wheel kit is for a CVH pulley, not Zetec. Also, the ZVH engines you've seen with a trigger on the cam pulley is most likely for engine phase, not crank position. You will need this if you intend to run the ECU in sequential fuelling mode (as well as a crank trigger).
  8. It'll be fine. Standard Ford 5w-30 is all you need for next time.
  9. It'd probably worry more about your caps lock key than a new gearbox as that seems to be the immediate issue. What's wrong with your IB5? Changing to MTX75 is grief if you don't need to do it. Search this forum and you will find the answer if you are determined.
  10. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
  11. Nothing you do will improve it's performance, bar turbocharging or nitrous. You're wasting your money putting super unleaded in it too, it's giving you nothing.
  12. That's the highest flowing T3 turbocharger. The exhaust housing will limit the peak power a bit but you'll get better response. Turbo is good for about 280-300bhp on a 2 litre Zetec.
  13. Don't waste your money on the block bodge, marshy.
  14. Nice metaquestion. Now what's the real one?
  15. What happens at 3k? More info on everything please.
  16. Nothing major. Mountune stage 1 and subtle chassis mods.
  17. Yeah back in December. Had a Subaru Legacy in the interim but that's gone now.
  18. No story. Had enough of jap crap for a while. New house taking up funds so impractical to buy something mega. Good local support from friends on the Focus. Paves the way to a 'stang in the future
  19. Stu

    launch control

    It has a limit. Probably 7250 or so.
  20. Why are you changing inlet manifold?
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