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  1. In no fit state fella or I would.. Feel free to send laptops though hah sids intrigued me with his higher spec than my daily for 30/£50 :-0
  2. Remember when I got my first and last ever points for speeding in her whilst 'trying to clear the carbs officer' down the grassy haha
  3. Just putting this out there before i start going through egay/bumtree...NOTHING FANCY. I'm going to be making a dedicated BMW diagnostic laptop that wont be having access to the internet or anything (after initial setup/updates) and will be running INPA/DIS/SSS for those in the know, got it running on my daily laptop but dont like coding anything big just incase a nice dormant internet virus or anything pops up whilst coding and takes the module/ECU with it. Ideally looking for something that you've not used due to upgrading, or use the desktop more and this is just gathering dust, I'd LOVE to just pay postage because I'm that tight I only breathe in :-D But I'm willing to pay good money for a good item. as for spec, I'm currently running on the following spec with no problems, not sure of the programs minimums... 2gb RAM HD ABSOLUTE minimum needs to be 80GB (can be sent wiped, can always stick a dodgy W7 on) 1.6Ghz CPU USB ports not be the size of a bus :-)
  4. Edwin LMAO 'with a lick of Black Panther' Does anybody remember Betty that I bought to run about in whilst Edwin was in the paint shop? haha Embarrassed isn't close to how I feel if these pictures start showing up....things we do when we're young eh :-S
  5. Wallsend is as rough as a badgers arse and is FULL of scum of the earth, on the flip side, I've met afew good friends from around that area :pancake: :pancake: Want to know what was funny about that? I didn't get it at first "why the fook wouldn't I remmeber my name?" I thought then remembered a 3 Ton van & my Steering Wheel playing ping-pong with my head :nutter: haha Tag-Team!!
  6. Anybody got any pictures of my old rubbish-heap at FITP 05'? I've got NONE anywhere, and the littleun wants me to make a book of all the cars i've had... on a side note - are all the pics on evohost still available to get hole of even thought they've not been used/viewed in the last XX days??
  7. I had ALWAYS used IE and had never been given a reason to leave....until v8/9? came out and it was suckin the life out of my system - so ditched it and went for chrome and aint looks back - even has a addon app that blocks adverts on websites and youtube!!! FECK YEAH!
  8. I hadn't drank September-crash in March had been training HARD and went strict - lost 3stone + i said + because i'd piled loads of muscle on and still lost 3stone after that time. I've since put a stone of rubbish back on because i've just ate takeaways ETC but i've not drank since the crash. should drop this stone off within 5 weeks :-) when i start training again haha
  9. haha - forgot I came back here till I went through my history :-\ Cheers all 5 :-) haha forum seem UNBELIEVABLY quiet!
  10. It's the newer 5 disc DVD system so maybe not quite as old lol. Seeing as I picked it up for £40 just for the garage it'll suffice! Ps gimmie your extra speakers then I can have one in each corner! Nah they're sticking with the 9 month old (at the time) Sony Centre that was taken from The Bed Shed on it's final day, along with ladders, steps, boxes and boxes of black bags & a couple airstreams (can't find airstreams ANYWHERE now though :-( ) for when I get my next house - not bothered where, how much or anything....my only 2 conditions for the mrs for the new house... 1. double garage 2. she doesnt go in it haha
  11. 2p...WTF is 2p!?! it needs to come under the pound again - NO call for the amount we pay. BUT having said that.......there's shite all we can/will do about it. Yeah so a strike will lower it until they stop striking or a month or so...then climb again, and further climb to recup what they lost during the price crash then that will become the norm and will all start again. Needs to be a governing body that regulates the fuel companies - and NOT our government....an independant!
  12. Fcuk squatting with that - well unstable!!
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