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  1. In no fit state fella or I would.. Feel free to send laptops though hah sids intrigued me with his higher spec than my daily for 30/£50 :-0
  2. Remember when I got my first and last ever points for speeding in her whilst 'trying to clear the carbs officer' down the grassy haha
  3. Just putting this out there before i start going through egay/bumtree...NOTHING FANCY. I'm going to be making a dedicated BMW diagnostic laptop that wont be having access to the internet or anything (after initial setup/updates) and will be running INPA/DIS/SSS for those in the know, got it running on my daily laptop but dont like coding anything big just incase a nice dormant internet virus or anything pops up whilst coding and takes the module/ECU with it. Ideally looking for something that you've not used due to upgrading, or use the desktop more and this is just gathering dust, I'd LOVE to just pay postage because I'm that tight I only breathe in :-D But I'm willing to pay good money for a good item. as for spec, I'm currently running on the following spec with no problems, not sure of the programs minimums... 2gb RAM HD ABSOLUTE minimum needs to be 80GB (can be sent wiped, can always stick a dodgy W7 on) 1.6Ghz CPU USB ports not be the size of a bus :-)
  4. Edwin LMAO 'with a lick of Black Panther' Does anybody remember Betty that I bought to run about in whilst Edwin was in the paint shop? haha Embarrassed isn't close to how I feel if these pictures start showing up....things we do when we're young eh :-S
  5. Wallsend is as rough as a badgers arse and is FULL of scum of the earth, on the flip side, I've met afew good friends from around that area :pancake: :pancake: Want to know what was funny about that? I didn't get it at first "why the fook wouldn't I remmeber my name?" I thought then remembered a 3 Ton van & my Steering Wheel playing ping-pong with my head :nutter: haha Tag-Team!!
  6. Anybody got any pictures of my old rubbish-heap at FITP 05'? I've got NONE anywhere, and the littleun wants me to make a book of all the cars i've had... on a side note - are all the pics on evohost still available to get hole of even thought they've not been used/viewed in the last XX days??
  7. I had ALWAYS used IE and had never been given a reason to leave....until v8/9? came out and it was suckin the life out of my system - so ditched it and went for chrome and aint looks back - even has a addon app that blocks adverts on websites and youtube!!! FECK YEAH!
  8. I hadn't drank September-crash in March had been training HARD and went strict - lost 3stone + i said + because i'd piled loads of muscle on and still lost 3stone after that time. I've since put a stone of rubbish back on because i've just ate takeaways ETC but i've not drank since the crash. should drop this stone off within 5 weeks :-) when i start training again haha
  9. haha - forgot I came back here till I went through my history :-\ Cheers all 5 :-) haha forum seem UNBELIEVABLY quiet!
  10. It's the newer 5 disc DVD system so maybe not quite as old lol. Seeing as I picked it up for £40 just for the garage it'll suffice! Ps gimmie your extra speakers then I can have one in each corner! Nah they're sticking with the 9 month old (at the time) Sony Centre that was taken from The Bed Shed on it's final day, along with ladders, steps, boxes and boxes of black bags & a couple airstreams (can't find airstreams ANYWHERE now though :-( ) for when I get my next house - not bothered where, how much or anything....my only 2 conditions for the mrs for the new house... 1. double garage 2. she doesnt go in it haha
  11. 2p...WTF is 2p!?! it needs to come under the pound again - NO call for the amount we pay. BUT having said that.......there's shite all we can/will do about it. Yeah so a strike will lower it until they stop striking or a month or so...then climb again, and further climb to recup what they lost during the price crash then that will become the norm and will all start again. Needs to be a governing body that regulates the fuel companies - and NOT our government....an independant!
  12. Fcuk squatting with that - well unstable!!
  13. Phwoar is that an old technics hi-fi i see? i used to have one and im SURE i've still got the speakers in my outhouse - belting quality for what....15year old system?
  14. HA that's just the start - we haven't even started milking yet, Mate was at hospital having a check up yesterday - they want to operate on him with a 40% chance he maybe paralysed from the waist down....Fcuk that. were his words of choice. so he's going to live with it as long as possible, ontop of that, he hasn't been able to pickup/look after his 2weeks old daughter (at the time of the crash) he can BARELY feed her with a bottle now if someone brings her to him - which is heartbreaking as a father to watch.
  15. haha really? Just searched my name and within the results were diets........and Geordie fcuking Shore. great lol I dont think my SpongeBob impression is as good as Lees though, i did try!
  16. I've thought about it But then where do you draw the line! there's blackboard paint for drawing lines. get painting!
  17. can always store them at mine if your in no rush for the parts til you find someone..
  18. Alright all, how you're all well?! What's been happening? It's been a mental, MENTAL year for me .....go grab a cuppa! So I think the last time I was on here I had the E38 728? Well July last year the battery failed and set the boot on fire - called insurance in and the garage they took it to quoted £4,000 for OEM parts alone.....total write off, I made a few hundred quid from them on the 'market value' £500 start the cheeky fookers!! August came and my kid (brother to southerners) had bought a 140 Celica and started modding it, I used the car and needed my Jap itch scratched again....while all this was going on the Firm I worked for decided to merge with another company and shop the store I was pretty much running and offered me a stinking ass/cheap ho shop so declined and got offered a job from my previous boss at Floors2Go. Found the below pictured car at an ABSOLUTE steal. 440bhp fire breathing monster, was my first turbo and boy did i travel for it......Newcastle>Gatwick via National Express - got on the bus at midnight and was joined by a henparty on the way down (oh yeaaaaaaaaaa ) got to London where I had to change bus to go to Plymouth via Gatwick (yeah nice 15hr on the bus but I refused to pay £300 for a 1.45hr flight) and I got jumped on by Armed Police, now at this point let me tell you how i looked.... Unshaven Hungover (above mentioned henparty and had woke at 6am the previous morning so i've been awake 25hr at this point) Dressed in what I call 'Comfy Clothes'.....the cops opinion was 'Chav Scum' lol Nike Joggers/Nike Hoody and a holdall with £2k cash in it. why did I get pulled by armed officers?...........this is the same time as the London riots were on and they thought with my looks/money I'd stole gear and was heading home with the profits LMAO, had to get Ebay up on my phone aswell as emails to prove I was buying a car HAHAHA Anyway.... i managed a few hours kip, got to Plymouth and was greeted by the sound of a 440bhp Impreza with a straight through 3" system from the turbo......about 5 minutes before I could see the thing. only pic I can find at the moment So....I got this home, had THE best drive home with a new car i've ever had, then I tried to get out the car Starts my new job on the Monday and 6 days later Floors2Go....went bust over night, they came in the middle of the night and emptied the shop, changed locks and codes and royally done one...FOOK. I went into REAL tight ass mode, car off the road/tax reclaimed mortgage payments down to the minimum they wanted (i was paying 12% extra each month) ETC ETC you get the idea.... sold the Impreza :-( and went back to German that I love, bought a e46 320ci (the 2.2 engine) Done a few lil mods and started playing with coding (INPA/DIS/SSS for those in the know) http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/29071.jpg I then, within a week got a new job with BT but was unable to start until October 31st (currently August 10th)....couldn't find another job so eventually it was time to start with BT...... was compltely mis-sold the job/hours 1-9pm ONLY shift/wage ETC ETC biggest/shittest company i've ever worked for -hated the place with a passion but stuck it out 'needs must' and all that. March comes round and I'm offered a job at 'JML'...easy job, rubbish money, awesome hours...........that'll do me for now so....this is where it gets fun. March 13th: Final Day at BT - planned to have a week unpaid off and start JML the following Monday March 14th: Went with a friend on a 12 mile journey to pick up a newly bought car, got onto the motorway and BANG his new car dies so he pulls over with two wheels off the road (no hard shoulder and fence preventing getting off the road compltely) so i pulled up behind a good 15ft away with hazards etc and left him room to get in my car.....next thing i woke up in the hospital. drunk driver 4x over the limit ploughed into us seemly. I've got concussion/memory loss/cuts bruises all over/ fractured shins?/fractured skull and 3 broken ribs my mate is VERY lucky to be alive, 'wedge' shaped fracture to his spine/snapped femur which has resulted in him having a titanium rod & his arm was 3/4 ripped off, thankfully was saved and should make a 80/90% recovery on mobility of it. So i'd left BT, hadn't started JML and couldn't....they held the job as long as they could, given the reason why i couldn't start then had to find someone else. So I've been classed as jobless and currently on EAS benefit? £71 a week....which goes STRAIGHT onto the mortgage, thankfully the Mrs just got a promotion and can cover all the bills and have £300 to herself a month I'm selling things off slowly that were luxuries like the car, holiday to Vegas ETC as and when we need the money, I'm not a material person - can alwasy buy the stuff i've sold again once im sorted. so.... anyone fancy a pint? Bored as FOOK! what hapened to the guy i hear you ask.....he got out the VAN that hit us and tried to run off, thankfully there was unmarked cops in a car 3/4 cars behind him (who says they aint there when you need them lol) he's wanted his day in court and said he's not guilty.....HOW i dont know. but im going to the courts on 17th and if he's not sent down.... I and my mate have a mutual friend that reorganises peoples knees for £200 that will be paying him a visit...theprick! also any dodgy spellings ETC aint because I'm a Geordie before you start lol Memory Loss is horrid, walked straight past a guy i've known since i was 10...didn't recognise him atall and forgot how old my son was and his first time
  19. £20 on balla to win @ 14/1 :-) £280 yeeehar
  20. Right, i'm pretty sure and ready to build the decking in my back garden - i was just going to put the membrane down on the grass then build them frame ontop of that - but after reading up and actually thinking twice - the timber frame would constantly be on the wet ground....SO - i need to make small concrete posts to lift it off the ground just an inch, i dont need to use joists stuck in cement because i'm not going high - but what do i need to do??? i was hoping to just dig a 150mmx150mmx150mm hole and fill with cement and put a paving slab on every 400-500mm around the frame? no matter how many guides i read there's always conflictiing issues.......so before i go and cement the whole friggin garden over.....any body built their own decking or do it for a living that have recomendations? Aaron
  21. http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/26764.jpg http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=230603344628
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