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  1. hi there. small world. ah you should have hung on i did try emailing you about a month back when i first added it to Ebay. bump- CAR STILL FOR SALE
  2. sorry no swaps, need the space unfortunately still available
  3. I have for sale a 1990 Ford Escort XR3i All Blue Limited Edition. I bought the car 2 years ago as a project with no wiring loom or engine. I used a doner xr3i which had convered only 60,000 miles to transfer the engine and entire wiring loom. The car is complete with only a few minor issues to resolve to have a very nice, rare modern classic ford. The electric hood is not wired into the loom, (original loom is included). However the roof can lowered manually. The exhaust manifold is blowing. As noted during the MOT, the steering rack needs replacing. The bodywork can do with attention. It comes with 90 spec recaro interior, lowered suspension, uprated bushes, 3 spoke RS steering wheel, almost new electric hood, Catogary 1 Alarm which was only fitted last summer. lots of spares including bumpers, wings, boot lid. The car is MOT'd for 11 months and a great driver. I am located in south east london. Viewings highly welcome. If you have any questions, please email or call me (ant_m139@hotmail.com or 07540582370). Prince = £800.00 ono. Thanks, Anthony. pics below http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0903/m139nac/DSC00009.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0903/m139nac/DSC00010.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0903/m139nac/DSC00012.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0903/m139nac/DSC00013.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0903/m139nac/DSC00014.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0903/m139nac/DSC00015-1.jpg
  4. as title £20 or offer £40 or offer
  5. looks a good example there mate! and great choice of motor yes thats correct.. any excuse
  6. i'm well chuffed with my insurance.. just got £524 on my ST
  7. sounds so easy the way u said it.. love the interior, although steering wheel to me is a bit ott
  8. i'll add updates here today we picked up the donor car, 1991 XR3i on 63,000 miles! engine is sweet, paint very faded but not needed anyway. so the next few weeks will be completely swaping the engine, box and loom over. then lots of ebaying to recoup some of todays outlay. -sorry pic quality a bit low-
  9. unfortunately the seller kept hold of them wheels, so its currently sitting on some crappy mk5 orion ghia wheels. but like the way it looks on the mondeo wheels so may be on the look out for a set in the future this is what i've been led to believe after doing a bit of research on the net. 1 of the major reasons why getting it back to a mint standard condition is the idea Why would he need another red dRST bonnet? coz mine has vent's.... thanks for the offer but this came with the vents, they were just missing from the pics
  10. Me, my dad and bro recently bought this for a project for the summer. currently the engine bay is empty, so trying to find a suitable doner for engine, loom and box as i type. going to put the running gear back to standard for the time being. then get the bodywork mint, which as it stands is in pretty decent condition already. think the main reason for the project is a fact of boredom from me and my bro, neither of us have had a car we want to mod for over a year. miss the working on cars at the weekend! anyway here are the pics
  11. ANT

    1990 mk4 escort xr3i

    i saw this one, but its way too far!
  12. any condition, front end needs to be complete and preferably have a decent engine and box thanks
  13. luckily only a broken leg seems a really nice guy, saw an interview with his a few weeks back. stomach turning watching that before knowing how he was
  14. finally F1 is worth watching again!! absolutely loving this season!
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