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  1. Your thread will be closed if you don't put all the correct details, try reading the rules before you post mate
  2. I've not had a pm, is the gearknob mine ?
  3. I'll take the gearknob mate just need to sort out collecting it, pm me your number
  4. If the gearknob is in good nick I'll take it, have you got any pics and where in Essex are you
  5. Just a quick one is there more than one type of steering wheel fitted as standard on a gti ? And can anyone post a pic of one please Lee
  6. Have you got any better picks of the gearknob and what sort of price including p&p ?
  7. What condition is the gti steering wheel and have you got any pics
  8. Selling my old side cabinet due to upgrading looking for £75 collected from wickford, essex it's a bit old and tatty but in perfect working order http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0803/owens130/b9d23645.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0803/owens130/c3c1ab92.jpg
  9. I'm sure the focus uses h7 mate
  10. I've got a standard gti grill, standard rear number plate surround and a couple of chrome door handles if your interested only want £25 for the lot, pm me if interested
  11. I don't suppose these will go behind standard 15" gti wheels ?
  12. The reason I went for the ford remote locking is the pure ease of fitting (took all of 20mins) and the fact it does all the deadlocking All I realy want to know is has anyone fitted the extras I asked about and if so what was needed
  13. Just a couple of questions, I've recently added standard ford remote locking to the gti, is threre any way of making the interior lights come on when the car is unlocked ? And can you add window closure to the remote locking ? Cheers
  14. Is there any chance someone could do a colour swap to anthracite please http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0803/owens130/5779ebff.jpg
  15. I will be doing them myself so shouldn't cost too much
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