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bluliz's Feedback

  1. JC left Positive feedback   

    Perfect seller, good coms and even put in a Curley wurley!

    bluliz was The Seller

  2. JC left Positive feedback   

    Excellent buyer, super fast payment, many thanks!

    bluliz was The Seller

  3. Chico left Positive feedback   

    Very fast delivered within 24hrs. Highly recommended

    bluliz was The Seller

  4. mk2xr2 left Positive feedback   

    Quick delivery and well packed. Item arrived just as described. Excellent.......

    bluliz was The Seller

  5. mykez69 left Positive feedback   

    instant payment for my spoiler, one believes ones transaction was awfully pleasesant

    bluliz was The Seller

  6. Nadine left Positive feedback   

    thanx muchly, dont think u could have packaged it any better lol

    bluliz was The Seller

  7. foxdie left Positive feedback   

    Rob provides me with all the pleasures I need in life.

    bluliz was The Seller

  8. ST170 Dan left Positive feedback   

    excellent packaging and very quickly delivered, a pleasure to do business with.

    bluliz was The Seller

  9. ESCORT-X4GC left Positive feedback   

    Excellent Items in Mint condition, many thanks !!!

    bluliz was The Seller

  10. cargy left Positive feedback   

    Quick and easy (Much like Rob himself! :P )

    bluliz was The Seller

  11. LiamGTR left Positive feedback   

    Easy to work with and MEGA fast next-day delivery on the skirts ;) Cheers bud

    bluliz was The Seller

  12. mykez69 left Positive feedback   

    items arrived when expected, A* in packaging, thanks mate

    bluliz was The Seller

  13. Ryoishikawa left Positive feedback   

    best service ever

    bluliz was The Seller

  14. JC left Positive feedback   

    Sold suspension to Rob, good coms and superfast payment as always! cheers mate!

    bluliz was The Seller

  15. JC left Positive feedback   

    Sold relay to, good coms and superfast payment, pleasure to deal with!

    bluliz was The Seller

  16. fluff2007 left Positive feedback   

    Bought a keyring an it arrived 2 days after i ordered, quick delivery and quality keyring!!! Cheers

    bluliz was The Seller

  17. JC left Positive feedback   

    Bought key rings from Rob, quickly sent and spot on! :-)

    bluliz was The Seller

  18. JC left Positive feedback   

    quick payment as promised

    bluliz was The Seller

  19. JC left Positive feedback   

    Sold to lots of nice people off evo, all paid when they said

    bluliz was The Seller

  20. marshy left Positive feedback   

    Bought keyring and fridge magnet from bluliz arrived next day there spot on mate cheers

    bluliz was The Seller

  21. PeeWee left Positive feedback   

    Bought from bluliz, pleasure to do business with as usual.

    bluliz was The Seller

  22. mrmetallica left Positive feedback   

    sold one touch loom to bluliz.fast payment cheers mate

    bluliz was The Seller

  23. danposs86 left Positive feedback   

    sold to Bluliz, again, fast payment

    bluliz was The Seller

  24. Nath left Positive feedback   

    sold £1000 wheels to Bluiz for very cheap good sale

    bluliz was The Seller

  25. Les left Positive feedback   

    Bought from Rob ( Bluliz ) easy transaction, would highly recommend !

    bluliz was The Seller

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