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  1. I float by every now and then. No longer have the ST170.... clutch/Flywheel went for a 2nd time to traded it in while it still drove. Ended up with a R56 Mini Cooper S, it's been bloody brilliant. Also have a Puma which will be used for track days and autosolo's until the MOT expires and it will be replaced with.... possibly an R53 Cooper S.
  2. I seem to remember it was halted by a phone box.... or was that before the 4wd conversion started?
  3. bluliz

    2.0 Zetec Engine

    Cheers, he wants £270 for the engine and £130 for the ECU. Might go the ST170 route as they are £270 on ebay......i'll see what else comes up.
  4. bluliz

    2.0 Zetec Engine

    Perferably configured with 1.6 or 1.8 sump, flywheel etc. Must work and be deliverable.
  5. bluliz

    Desk ECU

    As titled.
  6. Just over 10yrs old.... but a Ford Racing Puma, and Mk1 Focus RS's are probably not going to depreciate. Its really got to be something with a limited build number and a strong following now to hold or increase in value.
  7. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281292131737 Clio 182, 43k on the clock. Why would you want to waste money on an engine for an escort when a car like that is only £2500.....
  8. I'll giva ya a Curly Wurly for the fiesta one.
  9. Buy a titanium and stop moaning. x
  10. It's not just the paint work, its also what ever rots occured over the last 4/5yrs. The engine might be ok....but in reality will need some work... Tyres will be flat spotted, Brake discs will be corroded up. Calipers might be seized.
  11. I've had an ST170 for he last 7yrs. 30MPG is normal. £2k is a good price if it's had the clutch and flywheel replaced recently. If it hasn't had that...then walk away, infact run. Clutch and flywheel replaced will be about £1k, more if you go to a main dealer. 2004 is now 10yrs old so the cambelt should have been done/need doing. And the IMRC boxes like to die after 6yrs or so....£350. Other than that it's like any other 10yr old car, you'll be buying someones elses problems that they didnt want to fix. On a good note, mine is 11yrs old and the last MOT had the following Advisories Front Tyres worn on inside edge (causes by worn out trackrod end on passenger side, replaced before MOT) Stonechip to drivers side windscreen Stonechip to passengers side windscreen
  12. sortedford Warned on May 25 2006, 10:11 AM Added to warn level Leaking from members area This was a load of crap!
  13. Love it, just needs some centre caps!
  14. There are quite a few different fuse boards, you'd need to get one with ideally the same part number as the original. I think the differences are down to the electrical spec, ie Electric windows, heatedscreen, eleictric wingmirrors all needed more relays and fuses etc You might find a Ghia one from the same age car is the same or similar enough to work.
  15. Nope! Got pissed around so decided to keep it. good choice Bloody good choice!!!
  16. I knew i recognised that car... Built by an ex member from here..... we even ate fish and chips off the boot after pulling the 1.6 out of it. http://www.evo-host.co.uk/uploader/uploads/engine%20swap%20004%20(Medium).jpg
  17. I hooked them with an allen key and then pulled with some pliers.
  18. There should be a law.... If you want something that looks like Carbon Fibre, buy Carbon Fibre. Carbon Mods
  19. So I ended up driving a Mini Cooper s.....supposedly 40.9mpg....it did 27. Also found a 2008 mk5 golf GTD....but never got the chance to drive it. Turns out I'm keeping the focus for the moment.
  20. Ive never seen replica mirrors before... Take it they have manual adjustment?
  21. Must do 40mpg+(petrol) 45mpg+(diesel), 0-60 in 7.5 or less and be up to 4yrs old. Budget is 10k So far I have Fabia vrs 1.4 tsi Ibiza Cupra TDi 2008 model Ibiza Cupra 1.4 tsi
  22. If you can find an ST170 that's had a recent Clutch, Flywheel, IMRC, Cat, Lambda sensors (yes, plural) and a lot of suspension bushes.... it might be worth buying as long as you don't mind 30ish MPG and £280 road tax. Other than that....nah i wouldn't bother. Regards An owner of an ST170 for nearly 7yrs.
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