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  1. the corbeau factory about 10 miles away from me, they do seconds too
  2. impreza its the noise that does it, even if it does sound like a 'sick' porsche
  3. the v6 would just be to heavy, might have a bit of understeer to cope with. RST engine is still best bet IMO. 130 out of the box, 180 Bhp for £500 280 bhp for a 'little' bit more then that
  4. theyre not allowed to catch on anybody work at all on full lock
  5. well worth the mate, the arches make all the difffernence
  6. grab a demon tweeks catalogue buddy, loads of filler caps in there
  7. 4x4 vents are sweet, but i like cut outs like the ones on the supra or even more extreme like on the tvr tuscan and carisma tvr but they wont look right on a subtle motor
  8. NNNNOOOOO she was the best chatacter in there. it should have fredirico, hes a tw*t
  9. and the government wonder why p[eople drive without insurance
  10. My mate has just bought a new mr2. Hes a nice guy and his dad made himself a lot of money so hes really really well off. But so what. Any way he built a website because hes into computers etc calledf www.mr2racing.co.uk and started up a forum. Just have a look and see what all the people slate. Believe it or not their all elderly (i.e. not 19 yr olds) and they're just acting like twats. Ian, did you have the same sort of shite when you started up this board?
  11. mjdesignsuk.com or tsunamiracing.co.uk, they do everything
  12. you should try buying 205 /15 or 225 16's theyre bloody expensive
  13. cis didnt even bat an eyelid for mine, said fine ok no problem. no where near vas cheap as adrain flux though, and mods insured like for like
  14. i bet thats fun to drive my boot release is f*cked as well (i think but i cant get any purchase to lift the soding thing up)
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