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  1. How long were you waiting to make the 1000th post Mark? :lol:
  2. Oh there have been some stunners. Stu's ZT is my favourite due to its subtlety. Others include MarkyMark DIY beast Lambo's 5 door Dave W's black TOF Mike W's (even though he never painted the lettering white on his 1.2's) Tez's orange cossie rep (although not the interior) Lee R's estate Pie's euro gti Ralph's black beauty Mike C's maxi kitted beast Minirotty (anything he touches haha) Sleeman Probably more I've forgotten about haha
  3. There's not a single 1 I'd say no to although my least favourite is the mk5 (especially the b)
  4. I run minidlna on my raspberry pi connected to a 1tb hdd. It's not pretty but it does everything I need
  5. I love this car. This will sound nuts but I think with the Gti kit and standard orange indicators it will look even better! The only thing I'm not a fan of is the RS badge but hey ho
  6. I'm still running an iPhone 4! It's honestly all the phone I could ever need for the moment. Even the 4s/5 didn't warrant an upgrade as far as I'm concerned. I find the whole apple sheep thing to be pretty pathetic in all honesty. The cost when comparing any of the top end phones is much n such the same. You'd think people would be able would be able to buy a phone without the anti-apple sheep havin a moan. I actually JB'd the phone yesterday So far, I've: Added an extra icon to my dock Changed my carrier logo to an autobot Changed the multitask switcher to Auxo ($2 but awesome) Installed f.lux (makes your screen a bit duller to stop you ruining your eyes) Installed iCaughtyou (takes a pic of anyone that incorrectly types your pin on the lock screen) Installed IconRenamer Changed the sliders to animated nyan cats Installed PasswordPilot (stops me having to type my AppleID password) Installed Siri Stopped folders from remaining open when I've gone into them to get an app Changed my default app for opening map links to Google maps Added options to my notification centre Got rid of Newsstand Installed SSH Stopped the iPod from rotating cover art Installed a VNC Server so I can control my phone from my PC Changed the keyboard to display lowercase letters Added more tabs to safari When I click the lock button twice the flash comes on like a torch Installed UnlimTones so I can change my ring/sms tones with ease
  7. Perhaps they're waiting until the MK5s and 6s are considered classics before updating now?!
  8. Lee, did you used to go out guising as a kid? I enjoy haloween. Normally I kit out the front door with cob webs/skulls/led lit pumpkin so the kids don't burn themselves and the wind can't blow it out because I do the door. I love seeing the little ones get a fright when the hand creeps out of my skull bowl when they go to get some sweets. I guess we're lucky we live in a decent enough area where we don't get many mongs. If any teenagers come to my door with no effort made they'd get told to do one! This year my wife's got to work late so I'm taking my little two out with my nieces and nephew (all though if the weather doesn't improve they'll only be out 15 mins haha
  9. Good stuff Sid! They have an archive on their site if anyone else can't wait for the next live show!
  10. A few days ago a friend of mine recommended a link to me http://www.dhbradio.com It's a weekly podcast by a bunch of idiots living in Aberdeen. You may or may not enjoy it. I started at episode 1 and I'm now at 21 because I find it hilarious! Word of warning though, don't listen to it near anyone that's easily offended! They're doing a live show in my town on Sunday but tickets are sold out http://sphotos-b.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/407765_260254380709628_2044711046_n.jpg
  11. Thoughts or opinions? I can't say I'll be ditching my 4 for it!
  12. I don't really convey myself all that well - sorry! If I install XBMC on my desktop, will this dongle allow me to access it on my tv? Or do I have the files on my pc, XBMC installed on the android pen drive and access my music and films that way? If its the latter will I still be able to install addons like icefilms?
  13. More like Google TV I suspect, gives you a full Android OS on a portable stick with wifi. You could watch pretty much anything with it by the looks of it, Im not quite sure what Apple TV offers? My mate has a Jailbroken AppleTV. He can type the name of a program into a search and it starts screening the show/film. Can this do it? I'm looking into installing XBMC on an old PC (Never used XBMC before) Can I use this dongle to pickup the streaming content? Sorry for all the Qs
  14. Is that dongle in your OP similar to AppleTV PeeWee? I noticed its only £30 on eBay!
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