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  1. You'll see it a lot about your way. will i chap ? i still work in salisbury but also work at southampton motor auction too A good friend of mine lives in Downton, I'm up there quite a bit.
  2. I am breaking a V reg escort. I have all the parts you require apart from the fog light switch. Ok, please pm me a price for the following. Honeycombe grill Gearbox mount Stalks Fog light switch Electric window switch Thanks I am always floating between Southampton and Winchester. So can collect.
  3. mexico_16v

    Help please

    Hi all, I need a gearbox mount, a set of wiper stalks, a electric window switch and fog light switch. Anyone help? Close to Southampton or able to post Cash waiting.
  4. Answer the pm I sent ya then man. Thanks Sid, plans are a subtle drop, (both front springs are broken) and just a tidy up.
  5. This is my new cabby, in man pink, got a few things planned for it... But just to tidy it up http://http://s38.photobucket.com/user/amu.../image.jpg.html Can't seem to upload the picture, says it won't let me. Anyway, the roof won't work but the motor clicks.. Any idea?
  6. Evening all, I'm after a set of 60mm lowering springs, a honeycombed grill and a set of standard rear lights.. All for a mk6 escort. Thanks. Will need postage on them unless anyone is local to Southampton.
  7. How much for the rear lights and black ghia grill posted to Winchester?
  8. Well after the 1000's I've spent on Escorts, I noticed I could have something, newer, cleaner and good on fuel I bought this tdci titanium, (4th fiesta I have had of this shape, 1st diesel though) £20 a year tax Up to 70mpg on a run. 55mpg round town I planned not to modify this car.. I went about 3 months without playing... It now has a 55mm drop on KW shocks and springs, 17 inch Team Dyanmics wheels, wind deflectors, updated disc and pads, hids, bonnet bra, led upgrade all round and is finished in Panther black. http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e138/amuffman/image-2.jpg how it was on 15 inch wheels after I trashed 2 of the 16 inch wheels.. Now. http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e138/amuffman/image.jpg And during everything being changed. http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e138/amuffman/image-4.jpg http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e138/amuffman/image-3.jpg Its a Mk6 not a 6. It's a mark 7!!
  9. Awesome little motors, I love my one. It's a 09 titanium, with a load of extras, only problem with them is the original thermostat housing is prone to leaking. And the tdcis suffer from injector seals. My tdci is on 52k, 20 quid to tax a year.
  10. 55mpg round town 60 + on the way to work 74mpg on the way to Cornwall. Once saw 84.2 but. Was sat in traffic on the A30 before 2 hours doing 45mph The car is a 1.6 tdci fiesta titanium
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