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  1. im on my first two years of driving the same as injection , so get caught speeding and im f**ked, but if i only got a large fine it would burn a hole in my pocket and would probabbly have the same effect as points ( i.e. slow me down) but i could still drive to work etc. oh and is it six points and you loose your licence or get over six points in your first two years?
  2. you playing 24 hours a day then dave, lol. when do you plan to stop playin' and start again?
  3. cheers for a good evening of tunes dave. i'll be sure to tune in again. night guys.
  4. another request from my house, NAS 'doo rags'. if you dont mind dave.
  5. i keep getting disconnected, what going on? and where is daneild bedingfield?
  6. denial bedingfeild any old track of his will do. if ya dont mind.
  7. yer i got that on a couple of tracks, its a pain in the arse.
  8. tell him i thought i was good too will try and get abit more on have done.
  9. well the old man is happy and bouncing in his chair now. cheers mate.
  10. my bro says cheers for the r-kelly track.
  11. Ask your dad what buzzcocks tune he likes best 'ever fallen in love' and i think daniel new tune is 'I Can't Read You' but dont hold me to that. [ can you tell i have this playing in the same rooms as everybody else in my house, you are quite a popular station mate. ]
  12. im not sure mate? oh and my brother asked for r kelly's ignition.
  13. my mum would like the new daniel bedingfield song or my old man would like anythong by the buzzcocks
  14. quality radio mate, keep it up. and can i request jaimeson - complete. cheers bad boy remix what times your station online then?
  15. egg fried rice with an indian? am i the only person who is thinking wtf. and imo it has to be chinese, but if i want something fast then either BK or kfc.
  16. mr_b


    if you are just changing the back box, the old one has to be cut off and the new one welded on. did i mention i have a janspeed back box wich i am not using, has the mk5 hanger welded on, might sell it for a few quid?
  17. i could have got a 1.8 escort for a first car, but i need a social life and after the insurance i would not have much money left each month.
  18. is that my dads volvo is see on there, i though he got it a bit cheap.
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