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  1. i did 136 in mine once and ti that of a wing started to come off
  2. i meant to that do a new post but i presed worng the button
  3. I got my car throught that mot yesterady cost £476.39p, the guy at the garage said the floor resembled fred flintistonies car only becoz there was a bit wholes in it, they guy said he would do it cheaper for me as its was going to cost alot more but ihs said that he could get that parts in cheapr as i am a valid customer
  4. atleast my onions better than that
  5. how do u mean im a bit confused from what you last said
  6. i hate people like that too my cars my pride and joy and i would hate it if it got damaged in any way.
  7. nah rather talk on here m8, then ill be off here for good
  8. "stooping to my level" ?! We aint on fuckin Trisha or whatever other daytime Shite your fat-arse "bird" watches for fucks sake! "face to face" ?! If you're askin, Im fightin, though in your case itd be more of a "my arse to your face" mate fcuk off this board nobchops, and mkvregister, and sorted-orions, and any other baords you wanna talk Shite and stitch people up on Jordan oh shut up will ya, ya little weasel
  9. rite alex lets get back to wat this thread is about shall we as soon as i get the £85 quid back in my account, u can have the fone back, as its NO use to me at all, ill check my bank tomoz to see if its gone in is that ok soz i aint been on here for a while m8, i would give u my mob number, but some c**ts on here would do stupid things if they knew it
  10. Oh, and I guess thats cos your phone cant receive calls, only make them, cos you threw it across the room when you lost your "job", your "job" that was like a fuckin dinnerlady or somethin, not a mechanic like you once said Oh, and while i was lookin round for you on the net on various boards I noticed youve stitched up a load of other people recently too you fuckin Cnut. Why dont you just fcuk off back to your Mums dirty Cnut you fuckin nob-jockey Jordan y u sayin all this for, i aint stooping to ur level on a BB, i only say AND do things FACE to FACE
  11. watever, its got nothing to do with u, im sorting it out with alex myself, so stay out of it
  12. by the way, thats my dads mob number
  13. right, no i aint had any pms anyway but i dont want to send the fone back until i get the £85 back in my bank, cos otherwise ive lost £85 for nothin, wen that gets put back in ill send ya the fone u will get the fone back, cos i cant use it anyway and its sitting in the box on my table at home sorry for any inconvinence
  14. i agree but we will be paying for them now in taxes
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