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  1. Looking good Marc. I was looking through pictures the other day of my old cars, still miss that one. You've done and amazing job so far. I was saying to Stu only the other day that I wish I'd turbocharged it, now it finally will be! Excellent!
  2. Is my old car still about? It's looking much nicer than when I sold it.
  3. Looking very nice mate!
  4. must go, open to offers otherwise it will be scrapped
  5. yeah should have mentioned that rayleigh is in essex
  6. im advertising this on behalf of my father, basically he was driving home from work the other night and the timing belt tensioner decided to emigrate to the pas pipe. we have thought about repairing the car as it is just far too good to scrap but my dad has wanted a mondeo for ages so now this is the perfect time for him to get one, also we just dont have the time at weekends to repair it. right, with the life story over, heres the pics and the spec of the car 16v 1600 serenade 5dr hatch aircon front leccy windows sunroof 104k miles 2 owners from new, my dad bought this from essex ford at rayleigh wier in 2002 oil change every year be either myself or my dad 2 years ago a new idle valve from ford new front brakes and front tyre last month new rear bumper last year, front bumper also damage free not your usual rust bucket, decent arches and sills one penny sized rust patch on offside arch but you really need to look for it (but just being honest) heated front screen other than the engine, everything works as it should, until last week it was a very nice example http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f197/ploppythejailer/DSC00250.jpg http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f197/ploppythejailer/DSC00252.jpg http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f197/ploppythejailer/DSC00251.jpg this would be the perfect project for anyone who wishes to put a 2l lump into, its even got all the parts to convert the engine to fit into the car as the old engine is still in there there isnt much t&t left, its more like weeks rather than months but im not sure how many (obviously) will need towing, i think it will be ok towing behind another car as we havnt declared as sorn yet as there is tax until the end of the month car did not have any issues last mot or any advisories, and not rot on any chassis rails etc car is located in rayleigh we're after £250 ono as it is in such good condition bodywork wise my mobile no is 07545947862, my dads is 07759583466 please get in touch to come and have a look at the car see what you think
  7. as the title suggests, please. as local to rayleigh in essex is preferable.
  8. shame about the engine, i suppose nothing lasts for ever, why not buy another 2 litre lump and rebuild it, not being funny but theyre all getting old now, would be nice to have a nice 'new' rebuilt lump in rather than a another 15 year engine in. then just swap them around when its built. would finish the car off.
  9. keep that as it is mate, looks spot on. i think i prefer the wheels in gtrey actually, nearly painted the originals grey but went white at the very last minute. glad to see shes still going.
  10. as the title suggests, genuine part from ford- no longer drive an escort so i no longer need this. £35 ono collection from rayleigh in essex. if interested, call me on 07545947862 cheers for looking.
  11. hi all right im selling my old estate car that i used to carry all my kite buggy gear around as i have replaced it. the car: ford mondeo 1997 'r' reg' pepper red- not too bad body although the arches are showing some surface rust front leccy windows ghia x alloys all with continental tyres 148000 miles 12 months mot- went through with no advisories tax is due very soon but can tax at the buyers cost engines uses no oil or water and has been a very comfortable and econical motorway cruiser down to devon/cornwall loaded with kite buggies, bikes, surf boards etc etc pics to follow im located in rayleigh essex, any questions please ring 07845375839 thanks.
  12. adikt did they paint them then? i think not- unless you got them resprayed lol.
  13. just remember who did the alloys!
  14. when you going to sell me my car back?
  15. the st is blue with white stripes so its still got a little bit of white i guess.
  16. not hard at all, pee easy as it was a zetec to start with. the actual car was back down on its wheels after a day, and driven the next after a few teething problems thanks for checking it all stu by the way. the thing i like about this car is that you can still drive it like miss daisy and it will be quiet and comfortable, however, when you put your foot down it really goes like stink.
  17. right, the car started its life as a 1.6 ghia 5 door. therefore the car includes: power steering electric front windows drivers airbag central locking DECENT 2l zetec engine with aprrox 90k on the clock (no bangs or rattles or smoke) recent front wishbones recent back box i did the conversion about 2 months ago and with this is replaced the clutch (could do with a new cable as it dosnt feel quite right), water pump and timing belt both new. because the conversion was only done a couple of months ago there is also new gaskets everywhere but i wont go into that. its also running an early non-pats mondeo ecu. now the bads bits: the engine was the only thing uprated, therefore if you were to 'finish' this car i highly recomend you uprate the brakes and put wider wheels/tyres on it as well as put some slightly stiffer suspension on it just to be on the safe side. as for the bodywork. well what can i say, its your average 13 year old mk3 fiesta, the odd dent, the odd scratch, odd crack in bumpers, the odd bit of rust, but i personally think this adds to the sleeper look. especially as i pissed over a brand new s-type at the lights 3 weeks ago. also the drivers door could do with replacing if you are picky as it looks like someones broken into it before. the car is taxed and tested until feb '09 however i know that it will need a mid section for the exhaust soon. this would be a perfect donor car for an xr2 or any other mk2 fiesta as its a complete package for the conversion or for that matter it could be used in an escort also. im asking £500 for the car, not bothered how long it takes to sell the car. genuine reason for sale:- i test drove a fiesta st and ordered one the week lol. now i need money for the insurance. pictures are to follow once my camera has charged up. please feel free to ask any questions although if you are a test pilot then you can sod off. other then that im a reasonable chap. please feel free to text or ring me on 07845375839 if you are genuinely interested. thank you. _________________ pics as promised. http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f197/ploppythejailer/the%20dustbin/thedustbin001.jpg http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f197/ploppythejailer/the%20dustbin/thedustbin002.jpg http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f197/ploppythejailer/the%20dustbin/thedustbin003.jpg http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f197/ploppythejailer/the%20dustbin/thedustbin004.jpg http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f197/ploppythejailer/the%20dustbin/thedustbin005.jpg
  18. ploppy

    ford galaxy

    indeed this has the vw vr6 engine. im open to serious offers as i have no more use this.
  19. ploppy

    ford galaxy

    i know this is a longshot but im thinking of selling my galaxy as i no long need it. i have used this for my holiday down cornwall for cycling and surfing and its a great load lugger with the seats out!! also its a good laugh with your mate in it or if you wanted to put a family inside. right, the details: its a galaxy ghia 2.8 auto in green, and its the 6 seater model. good points:- for and mpv its quite quick 6 seats engine in brilliant condition only covering 97k interior in nice condition for the year (1996/N) front 2 captains seats swivel 180 degrees the other 4 seat can be completely removed electric sunroof 6, yes 6 electric windows all fully operational electric mirrors climate control alloy wheels all with good tyres no knocks or bangs from the engine gearbox or suspension that i know of new wiper blades from ford! full service history previous owner had it for 8 years and it was lavished upon with reciepts to prove no electrical faults 3 months t&t bad points:- laquer on front bumper has started to peel gearbox has a small leak but i must stress it still goes in and out of gear fine with no whining noises whatsoever. im pretty sure its jusst a gasket and im going to fix it next week if i get the chance rest of the body aint mint but its not bad for the year, could do with a good polish i was after £1100 but im open to offers http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f197/ploppythejailer/G4HMOCATZ1XEPCAF5AZUSCAVDCN3TCA52EP.jpg if anyones interested i'll get some more pics thanks, plop
  20. ploppy

    mk6 estate

    as the title asks, i'd like one with a decent shell and preferably with some t&t. im not bothered if the engine is Shite as long as its a zetec as i will be putting in a 2l and using it as a runaround. cheers, ploppy
  21. come on mike we all know you like pink,MR PINK TOOTHBRUSH haha, 1 nill to mr bongo i think, very good point you have there. still not a fan of naming cars though.
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