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  1. yeah all depends on if there direct fit pug offset or like scorted says some use spacer kits i had ET 7 on my escort , only 15's mind
  2. Euro styled escorts FTMFW !!!! the mk6 suits it so well IMHO http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/lazy_arse_pie/pic1.jpg
  3. i feal safe in my job but tbh i couldn't care less if i was made redundant tomorrow
  4. nice getting real cheap these now ! mite be tempted with another imp blue has urs got recaro leather , climate , sub in boot etc ?
  5. am happy happy , but wouldnt say is great on this wonderful plant !!!
  6. will sort some pics asap , yes kris will fit morettes
  7. hezz can change that to 'i used to hate' cheers for the chopy chop
  8. as title , little use , boxed £60
  9. here and there man , was looking for a gti estate but couldn't find any lol
  10. ok no longer needed i bought a vec sri lol
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