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  1. Holy 2004 batman Had to crack my password to get back in, talk about an internet time warp
  2. doesn't do 18" or 19" no use for beemers
  3. Lost Countdown 21/01/09 13 days 8 hours (ish) That is till i can get the episodes on torrent from the US
  4. I was gonna jump in and say that lol wha level you at now, do i need to load up cod5 and come find you
  5. foxdie did you mean to send me some junk the other day was a nasty virus type thing on msn
  6. vr6 is where the action is at id rather have a corrado body around a vr6 lump
  7. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=LexynA9RwDw bit of me a couple of months ago brutalising a set of tyres, would a fwd car have that much fun on a dry warm november night Oh and happy new year
  8. add me im playing cod4 mp a bit at the moment but im up for an evo meet up on cod5 - username: H4TE zombie mode needs 4 good players working as a team with voice, then u can shout for help when over run oh and you can pay to have the blockage removed at the top of the stairs so u can get to more guns like the shottie and flamerthrower
  9. I have serious worries about how much air is getting to the front radiator and air intake through that i'd hazard a guess that it would overheat on a hot day and intake temperature will suffer and overall cause the car to bog down with heat soak as for looks it looks a bit too smooth and a car needs some lines and vents to give it a style, what youve done is removed the personaility from the front end with that bumper.
  10. my white one gets cooked when playing online games or dowloading massive amounts of data I just unplug and wait ten secs and all is good again it does it once a week on average and is much quicker after reset
  11. DJ Fresh - Gold Dust Kid Cudi - Day and Night Crookers Remix TC - Where's My Money Kanye West - Homecoming DNB remix Kanye West - flashing Lights (High Contrast RMX) Kano - Reload It (High Contrast RMX) DJ Laz Feat. Flo Rida & Casely - Move Shake Drop (Full Tilt Remix) Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance (Crookers Remix)
  12. I use VLC for anything windows media doesn't play, which isn't much as I use the All in One codec pack get it from http://www.free-codecs.com/download/Codec_Pack_All_In_1.htm
  13. drive to Croyde Bay get a cream tea and scone and go surfing for the day (not in nov-dec thou)
  14. Going any speed above 100mph in a pug would make me feel sick, did anything fall off at that speed?? bits seem to fall off when stationery let alone 100mph+
  15. 180mph in a corvette z06 in usa 170mph in bmw m3 158mph in my bmw 155mph in civic type r 140mph in my old 1.8 escort just getting quicker with every vehicle want to break the 200 one day just need the car capable
  16. i watched a 4 minute long clip on youtube was that the whole thing?
  17. I've got a pretty oldish xbox360 and I find it overheats after 3-4 hours in a game using the CD/DVD. If i'm playing xboxlive arcade games from the hard disk it never overheats and it will play for hours When i'm playing a proper game on a disc it will stop all of a sudden and display disc cannot be read and I have to go back to the dashboard and restart the game. It took me 4 restarts to complete Gears Of War 2 which was pretty annoying! so far never seen any red lights but then i'm hardly a heavy user maybe 2 hours a week unless GOW3 comes out anytime soon
  18. they will get you on date of offence, court date prosecution date, any other date etc doesn't matter if at the time of the offence you were only in the 2 year probation you only had the provisional 6 points not the full 12 if the 6 points are incurred you will have to have your license revoked and retake your test find someone else to take the 6 or face a retest
  19. 2 maybe 3 years ago club members forum, almost the perfect crime apart from a fellow evo'r member grassed me up and sent all the info to the police basically i tried to escape a ticket by telling them it wasn't me and my car had been cloned, i made changes to the rear of my vehicle including new number plates, stickers etc and the police accepted it and said it would go away and they would look into finding the clone car asap 2 weeks later police knock at the door with a copy of a webpage printed out from evo incriminating me had to take the points and a big fine which sucked ass at the time but taught me not to boast on a public forum I have other means of dodging them now but would not post them on here..
  20. There is a torrent online featuring all of DJ EZ's garage albums and one including that one pls don't purchase cd's its so 1990's
  21. this reminds me of my scam in the past to escape a ticket anyone been here long enough to remember it I won't comment as i know what this forums like and there are definately coppers or narks on here watching so be careful what evidence you use on here
  22. Tunes man, gotta pump the tunes!
  23. poke this forum escevo has become an over moderated POS.... post with some actual car related content which I was keen to get some exposure on the main forum gets moved within 15 minutes to obscurity I knew where I meant to post it, it wasn't by accident or mistake and If I wanted to put it here I would of The current top 10 posts in general forum are a load of shite and I felt I actually might add something for people to look at and discuss.... I guarantee the only people who find this post in this forum will have noticed the moved link in the general forum and followed it out of interest You could have let it lie for a few hours and moved it ffs. Also please don't try and tell me people read all the forums all the time, as I for one don't and I Have never done In fact im suprised there even is a event reports section I can't say I noticed it before.
  24. three questions from me 1, whats happening with the TV rights to next years season 2, will murray walker be still commentating 3, whats the full spec of the new seasons cars/tyres
  25. I attended my first track day in the Bimmer this weekend, it was a Sprint day with laps being timed and I was up against a whole range of different cars and experience levels and It drizzled with rain pretty much the whole day making for some interesting handling moments, I also got to play with the drift course and try to get some sideways action. Overall in the timed laps I came 2nd beating some big power track prepared cars and some very experienced track day veterans, I found I could push hard as the Limited Slip Diff always allowed me to pull myself back straight and make better times lap after lap. I added the 3 videos I've put online so far, The drift lap has a spin in it and a stall :tsk: and one of the sprint laps has a scary twitch near the finish line that cost me some time Overall so much fun and I'd highly recommend a track day in the same style to anyone. You can safely push harder and harder and improve your lap times through the day shame I didn't win but then I was up against a big HP Celica GT4 turbo with 4wd and loads of grip thats was getting 2 second quicker laps repeatidly. Oh the track day was an Open Sprint Day 02/11/08, at Barkston Heath Run by Promoted by JAVELIN TRACKDAYS www.javelintrackdays.co.uk http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=GItFJbZnyjc http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=w3tJmUyZwRY http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=w_TPvQSKH1o http://phippsc.users.btopenworld.com/BARK/P1000845.JPG http://phippsc.users.btopenworld.com/BARK/P1000754.JPG http://phippsc.users.btopenworld.com/BARK/P1000757.JPG http://phippsc.users.btopenworld.com/BARK/P1000815.JPG http://phippsc.users.btopenworld.com/BARK/P1000819.JPG http://phippsc.users.btopenworld.com/BARK/P1000846.JPG http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc320/tempra5/2008_1102snoopersapphireplus0085.jpg
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