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  1. Not been on in year just picked up a mk6 van as a work thing/ toy thought I’d throw my head in here haha. Did that Subaru escort ever get finished
  2. yer mate still in liverpool, am not with laura any more
  3. yer peewee i rember, miss my cabby lol looking at my sig i havnt been on here in a while lol hows it goin son?
  4. hey all some of you might rember me i havent been on here for ages, just thought i would pop on see whats going on. just a little up date am now driving a qashqia and became a dad for the 1st time 7weeks ago and am on the lookout for something to tinker with hello
  5. am glad you told me about the steering wheel that was my next thing i was going to buy lol
  6. cheers guys fancy mpg clock for sale me thinks lol mine is a x reg so prob they cba fitting it lol it dosn't have the comp with the car doors or the steering wheel with the buttions on lol
  7. hi guys havn't been on here for ages lol av now got a mk2 mondeo diesel ghia x it never had the fancy clock that dose mpg etc i just assumed it had been taken out so i bought one off ebay and it dosnt work properly the time works and everything but none of the othere bits work they are on the screen but just dont change how can i get it al to work cheers
  8. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...=STRK:MESELX:IT http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b247/dave_20/Photo0010.jpg
  9. hi guys av got a mk5 zetec s on a 52 plate its got 91 k on the clock. the other day i started it and it started 2 misfire so i took it home and had a look. one of the leads was fooked at the coil pack end so av changed the coil pack the leads and the plugs but still no joy i even when back the motorfactors and tryed a 2nd coil pack. now it makes no diffance if i take out 1 or 4 at the coil pack or engine end but if i take out 2 or 3 it cuts out. ican have 1 and 4 out at the same time and it still runs the same. i tryed putting a plug in 1 and 4 and touching it 2 metal in the engine bay but i got no spark. what else could it be
  10. cheers for the replys guys. am getting my fiesta resprayed next week hopefully so once its back am gonna try and sort the suspension that get it on a track so prob looking more like winter now
  11. will the lsd fit a mk 5 fiesta zetec s?
  12. i think am gonna do a biy more to me fiesta and prob do some in winter
  13. i completed it the other night got a twist at the end its good online but you need mates on it other wise you get your arse handed to you
  14. just been on the ford fair site £30 quid for 15 mins am i just being tight or simple lol i think am gonna wait till av got a few more penny saved up and book a day at oulton park mite try and see if any one fancys coming along
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