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  1. William Moody - Paul Bearer manager of the undertaker in wwf/wwe Very sad ;(
  2. Sounds like a decent gift there mate. How much did it cost you and what did you get for the deal e.g. accomodation and number of nights stay if you don't mind me asking?
  3. Had a quick look on google and youtube for what films are coming out in 2013, but couldn't see anything decent really. I'm after a few rom coms to take the wife too, and any decent blokey type films e.g. daft comedies or action films. Cheers
  4. Was thinking that myself. Buy him a Ghostbusters fire station. Your ghostbusters were lucky to live in the proper firestation. Mine lived in Castle Grey Skull (He-Man)
  5. No! Bubba Smith death yeah that was a year ago, the topics above
  6. I've got a £20 HMV voucher for sale. Its not really a shop I use. If anyone uses HMV regulary, then it would help me out a lot if you want to buy it off me. I'm only going to sell it for £20, so I won't accept less for it. Based in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. Will accept paypal, cheque or cash
  7. Hes receiving £3million before tax....... so that'll be £3million after tax too
  8. Got rid of my escort almost 3 years ago, and i've still got the same sig with it in lol Oh and Ric, I beat you by 4 days
  9. I have that sex panther t-shirt. Also got a t-shirt with "I'm kind of a big deal" on it and another with "I want to be on you" on it It smells like Bigfoots d!ck
  10. Yes get in. Love the original. Although they sort of did the sequal with "Wake up Ron Burgandy". Although this went straight to DVD as part of the anchorman box set BTW the film Anchoman is on BBC3 Saturday night at 9pm
  11. I haven't bumped or created a top gear thread on here for years. Christ how times change. Anyway its on tonight at 8pm
  12. Got myself a Samsung S3800 as a replacement phone the other day and so it seems good, apart from one little problem. On the wallpaper front screen I keep getting 3 local dialling codes of what ever area i'm in and the near by areas. I also keep getting text messages from the number "200" which just shows the 3 local area dialling codes that appear on the main screen/wallpaper. I've checked all the phone settings and also looked through the manual book and can't find anything to stop it. I'll go into the O2 phone shop next Saturday to see if they can do anything for it, but thought in the mean time i'd ask on here to see if anyone else knows how to turn it off??????
  13. The tricks they did were so old but still had me in tears at them. Absolute quality
  14. Thanks you that man. Was trying to remember these after reading this thread. Couldn't for the life of me remember them
  15. yeah i remember them, had loads of the mini boglins too
  16. bubba smith imbd hes being in more stuff than people think. I know its hardly a glittering career but he did the most with his talents, and didn't get into acting until the late 70's after his football finished
  17. Police acadamy films were great (well maybe not the last one in Russia). What do you expect from an 80's comedy film. It was slapstick and thought they were brilliant. Still watch them when they get repeated on ITV
  18. wonder if they'll put adverts in during the race like itv use to, or show the whole race. They don't show adverts during football matches so they shouldn't put adverts in F1
  19. Wouldn't a mondeo/vectra be heavy on fuel and also high on tax though? Cheers for the idea Ian, will have a nose round at them
  20. I haven't being on here for a while, and am now married and looking to start a family with my lovely new wife. We'll be wanting to get a family car in the near future. I must be grown up now Far cry from the cosworth styled mk6. I'd be part exchanging my 206 gti 180 against the family car, which look to fetch about £2000 - £2500. I have the following requirements for the family car £3000 max 5 doors No older than a 2002 model car Big enough boot for buggy/push chair and other kid/baby stuff Low ish on tax and insurance group (but not essential), as long as its cheaper than my 206, whcih is a group 18 and about £250 for 12 months tax Don't mind if its petrol or diesel We've being looking on-line at Ford Focus and Remault Legunas (about a 2003/2004 model). So if anyone has any experience of these cars, I'm sure plenty of people have had focus's on here please let me know So if anyone can recommend any other possible family cars, please give me your thoughts.
  21. Went to watch Scream 4 last night. Not a bad film, but not a great film. I think the film doesn't take its self too seriously now as most of the killings were predictable and you could spot a mile away. A poor ending to the film too. Any time I watch a scream film, I always think of the bits from the pee take Scary Movie with Doofy, and Ghost Face hiding behind the curtains with his shoes poking out Anyway back to Scream 4. I was quite surprised by who the killers were. I won't say as people will complain that I spoilt it. Some decent eye candy in the film too. Worth watching too complete the 4 films. Surely they can't do a Scream 5??????
  22. was it just me that thought none of the original post makes any sense something about a wheel coming off then a dog and some german bloke
  23. FINAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYY THE ROCK HAS COME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Rock is still class with his catch phrases, and can work the mike and crowd better than anyone else, and has them eating out of his hand. Hes not just about the wrestling, but has a good character too. Haven't watched it properly for about 6 years now, but still follow on the internet most weeks as to whats happening. The Rock is still quality and can pull in the crowds better than anyone else, including Cena. The Rock will add a bit more entertainment and probably help to sell a few more shows and t-shirts. Shawdreamer, KNOW YOUR ROLE AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH JABRONI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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