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    mainly cars and chilling out with a d.v.d or two,plans this year to get fit though so new interest cycling!

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  1. Aye checking to see if you'd answered my pm before I headed on my merry way! Did I? Looked at it today and started replying before thinking I had already Nope no reply, I'll be on my way once you have lol
  2. Aye checking to see if you'd answered my pm before I headed on my merry way!
  3. give me a chance I said I'd look at it tonight or tomorrow
  4. Well the time has come to move on. It's been 10yrs and I've not had an Escort for several and they hold no interest to me any longer. I'd like to wish the site all the best for the future. I'll await the usual posts that state Im trying to get attention lol. Just wouldn't feel right slipping away without a good bye after so long. Have a a good Christmas all, I'll get a look tonight or tomorrow to see how I delete my account.
  5. Woo hoo the first slap on the wrist I've had in 10 yrs. Sorry Mr Wee
  6. Between this and the ST? The ST without a doubt, I'd imagine the X3 is built for speed about as much as its built for off roading lol.
  7. Oh no not Top Gear, I best get rid of it quickly then Got a set of 18" Summer wheels/tyres. Best rename them spring, summer, autumn wheels as we get all those seasons in one. They'll be fired on once the frost/snow has gone.
  8. enough!! looks spot on - i should have come and got your old mondy off you Sold it for buttons for a quick sale you would've got a bargain. New owner is chuffed with it.
  9. 392nm and 184bhp just looked it up. Not got a clue what 392nm is in lbft though.
  10. Because I got a VERY good deal on the manual lol
  11. 2.0d sport 6spd manual Not much to say spec wise tbh. Usual elec everything, cruise, climate. Currently sat on brand new 17" alloys with winter tyres. Have got 18" summer wheels and tyres. Put my usual wind deflectors on as I like them. Transfered my private plate. Fit my Parrot mki5200 and added bluefin takes it to 185bhp with 300+nm torque (quoted figures)
  12. Well here's the Mondeos replacement. Certainly wont be to everyone taste but I like it. http://i1017.photobucket.com/albums/af297/ricowen/6CEB751F-717C-423D-A7EA-6E8A32E3B458-4260-0000033762BBB1C7.jpg http://i1017.photobucket.com/albums/af297/ricowen/A956F269-5102-4AF7-814A-ECC694B71BD0-4260-00000337707FEDC9.jpg http://i1017.photobucket.com/albums/af297/ricowen/8A67D2D2-0EEB-432C-9925-4DD27D8EC545-4260-000003377BD732D1.jpg http://i1017.photobucket.com/albums/af297/ricowen/FDE67BF9-57A0-4BE1-8B8A-7A1D4EDA6A08-4260-000003378691BC2D.jpg http://i1017.photobucket.com/albums/af297/ricowen/3409307C-D9BC-4BD9-9804-D1DD9FD0F760-4260-00000337912AD052.jpg
  13. 2003 ain't old school! Amazing the blasts from the past that show up. Even more amazing Lee is always still here to say hello to them lol. How's the little lad getting on these days buddy? Not so little I bet!
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