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  1. I've just checked in. Must have been well.over 10 year ago since I was last on here. Thought it qould have been dead and gone by now!!
  2. I've seen this on ebay for the last 3 or so month now, it's only down the road from me too, but agree with the 25k price tag, possibly 15-20k tho!
  3. I've got a good low mileage gearbox to fit this too if the buyer is interested?
  4. Any updates on this mate? got round the inlet pipe clearance issue yet?
  5. Carl160180

    Focus bumpers

    Get over onto focusowners Lee, sure that you'll find some over there
  6. Would be an easier way out in my eye's too mate, saves messing with the brake system which you don't REALLY wanna do if you can help it cos it'll always be in the back of your mind when you need to stamp on the middle pedal whilst thrashing it round a track! There's always a way round things just sometimes it doesnt always hit you in the face until someone else mentions it
  7. No prob's mate I was only gonna glance over it then ended up getting stuck into it and reading the whole thing LOL Keep up the good work tho mate and make sure something is sorted with the brake resevoir tho how about having a bend made up in aluminium just a bit more than a 45 degree bend that bolts onto the end of the inlet then the throttle body bolted to that? that would make the mouth of the throttle body point out towards the passenger front corner but maybe have it made so the throttle body points downwards slightly so the inlet pipe will tuck under and away from the resevoir? Might have to lower the coilpack mounting slightly but i'm sure a custom bracket could be made up for that OR even mount the coilpack on the drivers inner wing like some of the mk4 ZT's have had done then you can make the alu bend a 90 degree with a straight coupler samco then off out and down towards the intercooler Just a thought mate, hopefully a helpful one
  8. I've just sat for the last 2 hours reading this full thread :O :O I Think like others have said that the xr/rs bumper will look better than the wrc bumper, sure you can massage it into place with enough fibreglass Have you thought about spacing it out a bit? seeing as your having the bumper widened anyway surely pushing it out a couple inches would'nt be that much ahssle while it's been widened? Another thing about the 90 degree bend coming off the throttle body, I hope you've got some seriously strong engine mounts as when the engine twists with the torque i'd be scared incase it lifts the brake fluid resevoir out of it's rubbers! Sure with the right fitting you could have a remote resevoir for the master cylinder? Good to see those half tinted rear lights are still kicking about too Was a good few year ago since I did those! Oh and don't EVER have a bitch fit and think about breaking it or me along with best part of evo will pay you a visit, slap rubbish outta ya and finish the fcuker ourselves LOL Keep up the good work tho mate, looking hard as fook
  9. Looking mint Si, More than 3 year ago for that pic mate, more like 4 if not more! My car look's mint in that pic too only 2 out of those 4 left on the road now tho
  10. Will have one ready for posting in the next fortnight or so if thats any good?
  11. Wayne mate is the gearbox out the car and ready to be collected? Could possibly be making a road trip down tomorrow to get it, Drop me a text on my mobile as i'm logging off now and wont be back on till tomorrow. Also if you can text me your address and postcode too cheers 07891078245 Cheers mate
  12. I have some 2.0 injectors complete with the rail £20 posted
  13. The rear strut top mounts are different on the mk5 and mk6's too!
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