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  1. I do believe I made your Sig Lee, many moons ago. Im still around, driving a Focus and almost 50, my god!
  2. I still pop in and out , back in a Ford again now, Focus TDCI 1.8. Hope your all doing ok these days?
  3. Yep! I think it hit the road then the phone box a few days later thus the ongoing project started.
  4. Seriously Dave? Not been taxed since June 2013 and seems to be sorn right now.
  5. I would still like to know how people claim to "leave" EVO I guess you mean your not going to open the forum on your browser?
  6. 8 months and 32 posts, pal you really made a difference Yeah, I wouldn't say anyones to blame Sid, some will blame creators and staff but as in all groups, forums, social media it is indeed the members that keep things alive, with topics, posts, discussion. Ok the main subject may be declining now with young people opting for more eco makes of car but still a shame. I remember struggling to keep up with topics/posts on here at times, even getting texts in work to say "best get on EVO its all kicking off" Ha haa
  7. I'm still around Obviously been here a long time from the days when I had a lot of moderating to deal with. Seems odd not having so much to do on here these days regarding moderating. Need to stick around and keep an eye on the Shawdreamer just in case ha haa.
  8. Need for speed My god this was really bad. I half expected a flash back to early F&F movies with back to roots street racing. What we are subjected to is poor storyline, bad acting. Incredibly cheesy lines and unrealistic car scenes. Miss this at all cost. 2/10
  9. Poor quality preview! http://verylol.us/fast-and-furious-7-first-look-official-hd-trailer.html
  10. PeeWee

    quick one

    Forget the damn docking stations lol, usb just plug in and away you go.
  11. PeeWee

    quick one

    Bin the rest, old stock and small add to that unreliable due to age. Having the small usb caddy reduces space and clutter plus it means you can simply pop it into any usb enabled device rather than rely on an antique clumsy method of storage. You can even pick up a fully loaded 500gb drive caddy for around £50. Or Use cloud technology which you can get free up to about 5gb
  12. PeeWee

    quick one

    Hot swap Hdd enclosures? really? Just get a nice 2.5" caddy off ebay and pop a laptop drive in there. Far better than all that old school rubbish. Far more hot swap than a bay and cheaper too.
  13. PeeWee

    quick one

    NO, it's crap, sort some cloud storage out it's free lol
  14. PeeWee

    quick one

    Light-scribe CD writers can etch onto the discs. To be honest I don't use CD or DVD format anymore and haven't ever used my light-scribe functions despite many of my drives being capable.
  15. Same person everyone's been complaining to requesting your removal
  16. The boot is a lockable enclosure for security because the roof is made of fabric, the release cables for the lower part of the seat are inside. The glovebox is also lockable but that is in no way 'secure'! So no point at all as if you gain access through the fabric roof you can simply release the cables? As for the roof hydraulics they will need bleeding, I have a post that tells you how to do it somewhere. http://www.escortevolution.co.uk/forums/in...394&hl=roof
  17. Having visited the area once or twice I am not surprised, last time I pulled up to put my roof up I glanced sideways to see a group of pot smoking youths glaring across as they sat proudly in an old battered escort on bricks lol.
  18. We've moved this topic into the correct section.
  19. We've moved this topic into the correct section.
  20. We've moved this topic into the correct section.
  21. I was under the impression you could not gain access to the car via the boot on my cabby? I locked my keys in my boot one and had no way from the car inside to my boot?
  22. Keep discussions about spoilers to the cosmetic section please, this is a wanted thread.
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