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  1. Ok dont come on here anymore, but came across someone.... that made me LOL.... Thought I would bump an all time fave. Goodbye.
  2. Thats who he would need to be a role model too.
  3. Enjoy your Mondeo whilst it works or before it gets destroyed by your dad cruizing in it. and when you get a BMW, Don't try to find me on FB again asking me all kinds like you normally do.
  4. I heard he borrowed one of Steve's amazing Mondeo's.
  5. hij is een sullige man ^^^ Tot Ziens.
  6. Can... not.... escape.... from.... Steve.... talking.... about..... bumming.... Mondeo's...... (P.S Howdy Y'all)
  7. I am answering for other people........ Ok, apart from Stu's situation where I thought I was helping, tell me these other so called situations. Oh and while you are at it explain to me where I have been Spamming? Nothing that you bring to the website is useful either Stephen, so you arrange a couple of meetings, so what? I am not rising to any bait Stephen.... you are the one who used me as something to throw in Sids direction which was uncalled for. I am done here. Seriously wondering why I contribute to Stu and Ian to keep the site going when all I get is stick. Good day.
  8. as I said which ST, Lee? as there is the focus ST family, the topic starter did not specify that it was a mondeo, IMO more common for focus ST alloys to end up on an escort than Mondeo ST alloys. thus there are other options!!!! The focus ST didn't come in estates and they are 5 stud dude!
  9. I thought I was helping a fellow member out, that is all. obviously I was wrong and as per usual the same names start ganging up on me again......
  10. What will you do if Belgium loses internet connectivity? What have I done to you to deserve these Childish Digs these past few days? Does your fella like his bentley? Doesn't have one, never has. and Don't you start either. What will you do if Belgium loses internet connectivity? What have I done to you to deserve these Childish Digs these past few days? You mean the one comment over a week ago where you were answering questions on others behalf? The one you have quoted today, pokes more fun at sidrick, alot of what he does here is goad people, and if you (and a few others) weren't here to bite, then what reason would he have to stay. Maybe that one was a bit subtle though. Yes, and you are using me for it. and I was not answering questions, I was just giving me prespective on Stu's situation because I know it, Fact. Why is it the same people gang up on me time and time again. Same names all the time... its a Fcuking bandwagon on here sometimes.
  11. What will you do if Belgium loses internet connectivity? What have I done to you to deserve these Childish Digs these past few days?
  12. ^^^ Me Neither. Andy fella, all forums are like this, some people on here are enthusiasts who enjoy the car, others came here because they own(ed) an Escort, and once they replaced it with a different car kind of gave up on the Escort but just remain here for the talk, topics, banter and now and again to help others. I for one have always admired Escorts, I have had a few and now moved onto a newer better car, but I am still enthusiastic about Escorts, I grew up with them and my grandad built them in the factory in Halewood so I did see them there sometimes too, one day I will own another and keep it for a long time.
  13. they are WELL to small for that car, they would look pants mate.
  14. Har Fcuking Har. No he doesn't, but I have however been talking to him outside of "Evo land" all I am saying is that I understand it from his point of view & I know why he is so busy.
  15. 4-5 Months now, last escort was Wench the Escort 55 Van. I will own one again, not for a few years though, once we are settled in Belgium & finished the building work I will own either a MK4 XR3i and restore it to its original form or a MK5 RS. I deffo have the space to have one as well as my current cars, but its just finding the time, otherwise I would have one alot sooner.
  16. Mike C's Escubaru Bumper?? Nice choice, I would do this personally.
  17. WWWD had it last year and then he sold it after he got the BMW. I've got your coat and called you a cab.
  18. The way I can say for you to get a definate answer mate is to contact Ford and just ask them what the Registration was that your model ended production in, That way you can see how late your escort is to the rest. there are a very rare site to see a 2001 51 plate Escort. I have only ever come across one, and even that is only a picture. Give ford a Buzz, they are your best bet fella! Ignore the negative responses, there is alot of negativity on here lately, Welcome to EVO if you do need any further help, do not hesitate to ask us.
  19. Here is my attempt: http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a134/2f2fescort2f2f/Mexico.jpg
  20. Hello... Ok I think I managed to work with what you gave me, How is this? http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a134/2f2fescort2f2f/Lightning1988.jpg
  21. Do you have any more pictures to work with mate? Take a picture of your car from a distance. I will give it a shot in a bit.
  22. Here you go Sweaty bum! http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a134/2f2fescort2f2f/chopcopy.jpg
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