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    Mk6 Escort 5dr RS2k And: A 1999 RB5 Scooby

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    Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

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  1. Steve, i should have the red one somewhere, if i can find it, You can have it....
  2. Si

    Stripping My Mk6 Escort

    Angel eyes SOLD Front strut brace SOLD
  3. Wanna buy a Leather interior for it ? Full Leather
  4. Si

    Stripping My Mk6 Escort

    Front Bumper, Rear Brace now sold. Still got a few items left. 17' Focus MK2 RS Style Alloy wheels with very good tyres ( Done Less than 1000 miles on them ) £350 collected Spax RSX Coil over kit, Very Rusty ( could do with a wire brushing ) Pre set by CRS when i bought them £150 collected FULL 5 DOOR Leather Ghia X Interior inc Door cards, Ideal for 5drs and Vans ;o) £80 collected Complete electric sunroof conversion ( motor, Switch and Cowling ) £30 collected.
  5. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v40/sifourbyfoursi/My%20Cars/Escort%20Si/Now/mybaby.jpg Mine - 205 / 45 / 16 ZR Didn't rub at all, not even on the back ( mind you i did have spring assister's in the springs )
  6. How would you go about putting a RS2k Throttle body on a NON efi manifold ? Damn sure they are both different
  7. I've always cheated, an used Plastic Coat Paints ( it covers any surface with amazing effects ) The one i use the most is the satin silver radiator paint, it covers an doesn't react to anything ;o) Just a thought.
  8. Kev, I'm looking for a STD RS2k system ( atm my car has a magnex system fitted )
  9. Kev, Do you have a CAT and full exhaust system available ?
  10. Si

    Stripping My Mk6 Escort

    Any one else, want anything... Still many things left
  11. Si

    Stripping My Mk6 Escort

    i'm not stripping the car entirely, I'm going to be using the car as a run around... hence i'm, selling the modified parts an nothing more.
  12. Si

    Stripping My Mk6 Escort

    no worries rob, it was a really good match to the OEM hand brake handles colour. so it should be spot on I'll let you know when its done bud.
  13. Looking good richie. Good choice on spec too... STi is so overrated Still Welcome to the Scooby club buddie, get ya butt on to Scoobynet for the PPP bits, just for reference your model is known affectionately as Blobeye ( cause of the headlights )
  14. Sorry Pete, It was only a general Spec level of the laptop, As in what the BASE model could be running, it seems this is far from a base model.
  15. Si

    Stripping My Mk6 Escort

    I'm miles away from BT he's in Taunton, I'm in Cheltenham Next Sunday is fine bud.
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