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  1. Subtle changes but much better IMO pal
  2. Nice stable mates fella
  3. Your bonnet stay clip needs twisting 180
  4. Fair play you're doing something like this but I've got to say the obvious, you should be doing this to an rs2000 or at least a 3dr gti
  5. Why don't you go to your local motor factors?
  6. I'd love to pop a st170 engine in my gti. I think it would transform it
  7. Hezz

    my oz superlaggeras

    Got 205 40 17 wrote on the tyre in the top PIC
  8. I think the ones that are the full length look better
  9. Gauges look fab, pod is a bit crap tbh mate!!
  10. Hezz

    New tv

    I was thinking of getting a new 5.1 surround system as they're solo cheap but didn't bother as my old sony one is still great have a look at Sony bdv e3100 at curry's £175
  11. Looks alreet fella, would quite like an edition 30
  12. Wheres the unlike button!!!
  13. I'm not so sure what the next words I type are but here goes.... I agree with SD!!! Yeah I said it !!!
  14. Not sure it works on them as the wire was missing. Don't you have the variable intermittent wipers like on the puma as standard? (Where you knock it on and off and then back on to set the delay?)
  15. Loving the careful paint job on the rocker cover!!! Pmsl
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