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  1. Hey all!!! I'm quite surprised this website hasnt gone down for good! It's crazy to see the names still popping up that used to be posting in dozens of threads a day, every day for years during the mid 2000s. I've been away from this site for knocking on 10 years i imagine. Part of some nostalgic facebook pages that show only mid nineties cars and older and every time a mk5/mk5/mk6 escort pops up it reminds me of the days of running my mk6s... And when a cossie appears it reminds me that there is still a Ford out there i would definitely get in my garage if i had the money to be a bit of a "collector". On the whole though now ive moved away from Ford after owning what was probably 6 mk6 escorts and now i'm on my 5th Volvo. Peace, Scoop2004 / Craig
  2. It was a pretty boring race. I'm glad Lewis has a car he can do well with and he'll end up with his third WDC crown this year I'm sure but something does need to be done to fix this mess. Get rid of Bernie and do something to jazz it up. Bring back A1 GP. A 1 make series with cars that really push technology forward and put out over 1000HP would be better than this rubbish
  3. You know you dont have to pay subs to post right?????? I only paid once in 10 years, and that one year of paying wasn't earth shattering
  4. In all seriousness now though this site has gotten so quiet that [if it were me funding it] I'd shut the server down. It's a shame and im not sure if it can be saved or not, or if many people would even care. The market for the mk5-6 escorts (bar maybe cossies) has all but died and i wont be saddened by it. When the MMB was busy with posts about off topic things I loved coming in here for the chat, and being educated by Stu on all things tuning, entertained by the banter from people like Shaw and Sid, and interested in some gorgeous builds like MarkyMarks which was probably my fave mk6 of all time. Could some effort be put into the evo facebook page so we could have some banter posts on there just to keep up? Cos im gonna miss you guys but i CBA logging in here to check that there may [likely not] be some banter or chat going on. However I do spend time on facebook commenting on posts in groups relating to things i have interests in so if Evo's page got busy......... Failing that. May as well say goodbye all
  5. yes what year is the car? And what are the 2 ECU names (4 letter word) If you have a PATS car and you're trying to fit a NON PATS ECU to it you need to follow the "how to wire in a 2.0 ECU" guide in the how to section as non PATS ECUs from earlier zetecs are all wired differently and wont start if not altered.
  6. How do you know HE cut that hole? If he's taken the fiesta in as part ex it could have been done by the previous owner? OK his response to you was a bit annoying personish but you ringing up making demands for something maybe he didnt do might get his back up a bit?
  7. The charger is a fecking Monster, this is in Canada last year, an average "5 door saloon hire car" http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/31831.jpg http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/31832.jpg
  8. RHD?? If not, then it'll flop massively. If so, some buyers may be found. It says it has "aeronautical inspired gauges" but all i can see on the site is the word "groundspeed MPH" printed above a pretty standard speedo. Lambos know how to do fancy speedos
  9. I done a 306 rear doors and S60 rear doors myself to a very good standard (you wouldnt know unless you got v.close that it wasnt professional) however the job ive done in my V70 is an abortion, apart from on the long side windows, the rear doors failed and the rear screen failed (maybe this film is cheaper than the last lot i used) Use washing up liquid and water and lay the film on the OUTSIDE of the glass first, heating and squeegeeing it to the glass then cutting it to the shape of the glass inside of the "dot matrix" black dots, then move it to the inside and repeat, then remove the backing and finally lay it properly on the glass (again using shitloads of lube on top of and underneath the film) Practice makes perfect
  10. i was going to suggest getting a quieter card? Your computer is only ever as quiet as the loudest component, in my case at the minute I have 1 corsair 120mm fan which isnt on the fan controller (NZXT sentry LX) and that is the only thing making an audible noise, all my other fans are at 5V and are near silent (need to replace my coolermaster sickleflows as they make a bearing noise) Anyway, the GPU you've just added is 2007 tech, why you do dis?? My GPU is ancient but can manage BF4,F1 2013,all the need for speed games and batman games at 1080P looking better than they do on PS3 (and BF4 better than PS4) There are probably cheap GPUs out there that are passively cooled that will outperform your old GPU, and consume less power, if not then look for something with a quiet cooler, ASUS directCU, MSI twin frozr, stuff like that. Have you heard of the GTX750Ti??? Apparently that's a mental GPU, consumes no power at all, the fan never spools up no matter what you throw at it and im pretty sure its better than most second hand GPUs you can buy for the same money
  11. What's the turning circle going to be measured in? miles? That would be infuriating as a daily
  12. old news???? http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/shanghai-auto-show/ford-escort-shanghai-motor-show-2013 I knew I'd seen it somewhere
  13. you have 6x9s playing into the side of the sub box????? wow
  14. Craig855S

    quick one

    Yeah what the actual fcuk are you waffling on about?? You wanna back rubbish up, buy a 1TB external HD for pittence and back up to that.
  15. Is that legit is it? the LEDs must dim when the dipped beam comes on? Also, "Daytime Running Lights" dont have to be LEDs, all DRL means is bulbs that come on without physically turning a switch (powered by ignition) Be those orange corner markers on the Volvo S40/V40 from the late nineties or just the headlights being set to always on like with most volvos made in the last 20 years. Do motorbike headlights always light up when the bike is on? or is that just a sensible habit of the rider?
  16. you say "original stuff" and "factory DRL" but you have to know that the escort is of a time when ford and most manufacturers didnt do DRL, back in that era only volvo did DRL
  17. Markymarks, followed by Dave Ws black WRC (but with which wheels???) Just my opinion
  18. Look through the wiring diagrams in the back of the haynes and find where the sidelight power comes from, then just feed any ignition powered 12V into that with an in-line fuse. Heated rear screen or leccy windows would do.
  19. Craig855S


    Pay for a bloody good detail and maybe it will get it to look very good for much less money, ok some deep scratches and dents may remain but paintless dent repair could solve some of them
  20. Oh I do hope he gets better soon, dont want him claiming disability for a serious leg injury. Hope he either hurries up and kills himself or becomes a reformed character and contributes in some way to society other than raising the crime rate
  21. I pop on to look for interesting non-escort related threads (Although i do look at the odd beast build)...but nowt is happening these days. And I know its just as much my fault as anyones but meh
  22. I think the cracks in the filler and wheels that make it look "charver" that has put a lot of people off. In the condition it was in at its prime (including cossie rims and IIRC the stock spoiler) then yeah i'd happily pay triple that, but as it looks in the listing yeah I'd steer clear
  23. Those wheels do that car a huge disservice, needs the cossies on (or a set of wheels that would suit a cos) Did it always have that spoiler on??
  24. i really woulldnt bother investing to fix that car, you can buy a superior replacement car for the cost of the bits that thing will need
  25. Don't be so hard on him it comes across like English isn't his first language.
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