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  1. Twisted


    nope. this is the base model nice trims though lol and very cheap insurance
  2. Twisted


    Vauxhall Corsa 1.0l 12v Envoy W reg 2000 49k miles 3 owners Tax, Mot Blue MP3 player Small dent on drivers side rear quarter (can just be seen on 2nd pic) hence price £1495 ono
  3. cheers all lol i'm happy and thats what counts i've already had more use out of it in one week than i had out of my cossie this year lol
  4. that wuld be the new owner mate, he viewed it thursday and took it away same day
  5. wasn't going to Margam anyway dude. I dont think i'll be going down the route of another RS anytime soon, looking for something with alittle less maintenance now
  6. not sure yet, looking for a bargain, possibly a scooby although a CBR600RR is calling lol
  7. Price reduction £5500.00 no offers and this is without the number plate. Car will be back on original registration.
  8. looking for the font that is used in the mitsubishi Evo 8 badge. Does anyone know where i can get it. thanks
  9. not time like the present lads, its still for sale
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