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  1. Happened to us all. Mine has just turned 16 would you believe.
  2. If you'd have asked me a few years back, neither would I!!!! Priorities change, and with 65mpg easy and £0 tax..... It still has tints, been lowered and am thinking about new wheels though lol Not quick in a straight line, but handles better than anyrpthing I've ever had!
  3. All good here. Things do change though. Lol, got a little Mini One D ( although I couldn't quite leave it alone lol ) and I'm into bikes now for the rush. Got a Suzuki GSXR750 Where in the states are you..?
  4. Yeah they are nice to drive when they are behaving!!!
  5. The bottom pulley was rumbling when I sold it, and the limp mode problem. Which you seem to have solved. I must have done every bloody sensor on that car lol, along with a starter and the obvious clutch, front springs, exhaust....... To be brutally honest it was probably the most unreliable car I've owned.. Still it's all done now, so enjoy it Me the RAC became very good friends!!!
  6. Yes mate. Gave it away virtually. Needed shot of it to get the next car.
  7. You'd cry more if you knew how much I sold it for a year after that bill!!!! Well under half of that bill!!!!!
  8. That's my old car! The clutch bill was a hard one to swallow!
  9. For crying out loud don't spend that sort of money on a mk6 Escort. It was silly 10 years ago when I did it, now its Fcuking ridiculous.
  10. There's been a fair few. Mine included. Magazines have to move with the times, so expect to start seeing more diesels.
  11. Yep I still pop on most days to see if there's an interesting thread to read.
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