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    Im a fond lover of cars and have been for years, so its good to say im a 100% petrol head haha.<br /><br />Im also in to my music, i like anythink from the upto date dance and trance all the way back to jazz, blues and rock so im easily pleased haha.<br /><br />So all in all im a very down to earth lad who loves to have a laff, and if ya wanna get to know me more or have a laff, add me to msn, <br /><br />eddie

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  1. cheers for ya help guys, lol at shawdreamer lol
  2. so really a mk5/5b are out the question to then?
  3. ahhh was just woundering, so you dont think they will fit?? was curious as they fitted in my fabia before it got stolen thanks for ya help, much apperciated as always
  4. spannermonkey86 most games played saints row the third forza 4 cod 4
  5. ..........does anybody know if 3 children ranging from 7mths to 5 yrs of age with car seats, fit in the back of a mk4 5door escort? as ther cheaper for me to insure, otherwise ill go back to a mk5/5b that im used to, cheers all
  6. smart looking ghia you have ther mate the st24 alloys really set it off nicley with the radient red paint, i quite like the fact you have no spoiler aswel, keep pics coming mate
  7. sweet looking motor mate, love a more door mk5 especially in this colour, keep it up mate
  8. hey mate gonna step in with me big size 10s and say would ya take £100 cash a week tomorrow?
  9. rotas are lighter dude, might be onto some 300mm front brakes off me mate so fingers crossed
  10. thanks for all the posetive feed back guys, i prefer it with no interior dan haha love it
  11. suprised how mine does on fuel, its a 1.6 with cat back zorst and does really well, and i have to agree with craig steer clear of the 1.4 ther crap i know through experience lol
  12. Sedgie07


    it looks mint mate, look at mine in suym, mines down 40mm on 15s and handles and looks spot on
  13. hiya all been a while since ive posted me car up on here, so as i have some plans for her i may aswel share them with you.... shes no on the 15" black gti rims for handle and acceleration perposes, and the rear is nearly compleatly stripped, due to me doing a fair few track days and RWYB at Shakespear Raceway. here she is at the mo........ http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c10/nismo_racer/DSC00518_edited-1.jpg http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c10/nismo_racer/DSC00521.jpg and in the que at shakies last week http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c10/nismo_racer/DSC00523.jpg the futer plans for her are as followed..... satin black respray goona splitter finish stripping rear satin black interior carbon doorcards carbon mirrors red buckets black 4 point harnesses rs2k brake conversion all round with red calipers uprated disks and pads stainless manifold magnex catback red detailing here and ther smoked headlights front and rear braces coilovers 15" rotas may not be to everyones taste but hey i like to be different haha ill keep you all posted as i go along laters eddie
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