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    Hereford - West Mids
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    Trying to make a 5b 1.4i mistral into a XR3i replica...with not too much luck.

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  1. Well well well, thought i'd pop back on to see how the world of escorts is going - quiet! Great to see some of the old names still on here. Does anyone still drive an escort?
  2. Still for sale, will be on eBay Monday if it doesn't go before then
  3. I'm going to guess that it fools the ecu into thinking the air outside is cold so it dumps more fuel in. Yeah you might get better throttle response but essentially you are going to be using more fuel for little performance gain if any! The long term damage could be bore washing and increased wear internally. A chip in the ecu isn't it too bad as generally they alter more parameters. On the other hand if you have a VAG tdi then a tuning box is recommended!
  4. I totally understand that there's a certain enjoyment to tinkering with them, but not enough reward for me personally Going back to you saying about regretting having sold a car...I've done that a few times . I had a '93 corsa 1.2 and a paid £120 for it, 76k and was army green. Slow as hell but it was so cheap to run as an apprentice and reliable. Scrapped it after I crashed it. And I had a Saab 9000 2.3 turbo. Paid £200 for it and found out after I got it home it had been played with and was 300bhp. Scrapped that after trying to sell it for £300 for months . Guaranteed that I will miss my escort...ive had it forever
  5. I'll sit on them for a little while then . As for ford fair...I can still go as a member of the public. I've had escorts since I was 16 and after 8 years I want something else. The thing that gets me is that for the amount I've spent on my red one you could buy something amazing, it won't be personal or individual but it is essentially a better car for a lot less money. In an ideal world I would like to sell it but I won't get anywhere near as much as I can hopefully get in parts.
  6. Not Evo, just escorts. I've had my time with them so it's time to move on...I'm currently looking for a lexus ls400 (strange choice I know) so my pair of escorts have to go . Obviously you guys will get first dibs before I ebay anything. When are they going to be discontinued?
  7. Firstly, I'm not sure if this is the right section...I'm not sure where it belongs. I'm after a rough idea on how much cossies are fetching these days. Mine are in pretty good nick, the odd mark but nothing major...more than useable and have 4 brand new avon zz3 tyres on. I know without pictures it's impossible to be accurate but I hear so many different prices...someone said £800 the other day?!
  8. Also has mot until may 29th 2014
  9. Due to a change in circumstances my newest acquisition is up for sale . Only 52k from new and only one owner (technically 2 but I only got the log book through last week). Is disabled tax. Bodywork is really tidy, one bit of grot on the sill and needs a lower arm. It's super tidy and bound to be a car that will appreciate in value. The car is located in Hereford and I'm after £650 for it. It will be on eBay this weekend too. Pm me if you have any questions http://i985.photobucket.com/albums/ae339/boomshine57th/82771BB9-3FC3-4CC4-A5D5-6673DC3A0D8B.jpg http://i985.photobucket.com/albums/ae339/boomshine57th/474E3B1D-2993-4B13-BF4C-A44B4AEDA7AE.jpg http://i985.photobucket.com/albums/ae339/boomshine57th/696B491F-FA0F-46B8-9BEB-3D19ABC9BE9A.jpg http://i985.photobucket.com/albums/ae339/boomshine57th/FC5D9FC7-F4F3-4AC6-B06A-DA128DDDBAB4.jpg http://i985.photobucket.com/albums/ae339/boomshine57th/7C44990B-AE3E-4551-BE8D-56563B2AB888.jpg Also, has 2 sets of locking wheel nuts with all keys present and 2 alarms with all fobs present. Has just been valeted and polished and has been fitted with a set of puma interior handles. Can come with or without the Laguna splitter as required http://i985.photobucket.com/albums/ae339/boomshine57th/EFEB67B5-EA36-476E-BD41-CAE0F83C6042.jpg
  10. Andy 3i

    LED rear

    Umm...as much as I hate to be a buzzkill but most incandescent (normal) bulbs have worked in the same method for at least 20-25 years if not more. The earth is at the outside of the bulb and the live goes through the centre. Escorts are no different. I've had led bulbs fitted to mine and worked perfectly with no modifications.
  11. Yeah, it was all going to happen and then it dawned on me that it's an old escort . I haven't got anything on the cards as yet...I've got my golf which keeps me mobile at the moment...going to save up some money and see
  12. Well due to a change in circucumstances this will be up for sale along with my red 5b shortly
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