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  1. Nice, simple yet effective.
  2. Would be a shame if it were to die, got a few good memories from my time on here, most notably doing my car up and getting it on the show stand. It was one of the best things I've done and I enjoyed every minute of it. I'm glad it made a lasting impression on some people, thanks Craig Some years have past since then but I have logged on from time to time to see what was going on, nothing grabbed my attention enough to post and the timeframe from logging on unfortunately got further apart. I do miss the shows and some of the stuff that used to go on in here.This place was a big part of my life at one time, every spare minute I'd be logging on, morning, noon and night, lol. Good times. I have one picture of a concept mk5 escort cosworth and ive always said to myself, one day i'll build that but the years seem to be slipping by rather fast and the supply of good mk5 RS2K's within my limited budget keep on rising. Who knows, I may just get lucky one day and the fun can begin all over again.
  3. Been thinking about this a lot recently with watching car shows bringing classics back to life, would have been nice to know back then what a future classic would be, buy, keep for a bit and sell on for a profit in the future. So, has anyone got an insight into the future of what maybe considered a valuable classic car, any make/model no more than ten years old? The re-launched VW beetle Focus ST500
  4. Mutleys carbon tip, URL=http://s74.photobucket.com/user/mark-walker_06/media/BlackpoolEVO0820.jpg.html]http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i250/mark-walker_06/BlackpoolEVO0820.jpg[/url]
  5. I lost all my photos when I wiped my computer, took me ages to log back in to photobucket, heres a few. http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i250/mark-walker_06/Series6GTi64.jpg http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i250/mark-walker_06/FEOC-Mycar.jpg http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i250/mark-walker_06/Euromaxi-Done009.jpg Looking back, probably should have kept it like this http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i250/mark-walker_06/DSCF4842.jpg http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i250/mark-walker_06/DSCF4829.jpg
  6. Just re-did my signature, Theres a whole build thread somewhere. Been a while since I was actively using this site, that's not saying I've been away, just stopped posting.
  7. Mine was the best Mike W's was always one of personnel faves, there are lots for different reasons, time has made me forget which ones. Think bongo picked out some the better ones to grace the site over the years
  8. So many good memories and sore hands seeing it again. Looks poo now its lost the cossie wheels, looks like its lost the exhaust as well. Wonder if that means the end of its life parked up at the scrappers
  9. I had to have a conversation today with a woman who wanted a 2TB USB powered HD for all of her photos, docs and films for less than £120 I recommended one then said, 'you're buying two though, aren't you?' Before explaining the premise of backups. She has now ordered 2 x 1TB drives. Obv no help to the OP. We've all been there though, Mark, and it'll be the last time you do anything like that, believe you me! Thats what my dad said last night, lol. is there no software available that can recover it? would the computer have a 'ghost file' on the hard drive? how do the police recover evidence from peoples wiped hard drives? must be something out there that can recover it, like you say people do this type of thing. Pete, the hotmail thing works, it was files on my computer i needed to use to be able send. As for back up, i never really use the computer for anything else but hotmail, evo, eBay and facebook. The computer is the storage place for photos, music etc, because of the limited use of browsing and getting something on it that could damage it i never really bothered, i've had it for years now and nothing like this has ever happened. It is my own fault because the recovery software would have let my just recover windows and leave all my files, just didn't read it properly. which is annoying me more than anything else, always tell the kids to do this. Should practice what i preach. Cheers Mark
  10. Evening all, its been a while and tbh i feel a bit cheeky popping back on to ask this but its an emergency. I've lost all my phots, work docs everything of my computer. Kept having trouble with it freezing whilst on eBay etc. Did a system restore last week and everything seemed fine. Went onto hotmail today and it wouldn't connect, google toolbar was there but not there if you know what i mean, tried downloading google toolbar but it wouldn't install, kept getting a box saying unable to install and prompting me to enable something, followed the instructions and it was already enabled. Tried another system restore but it wouldn't let me access it, couldn't access most windows stuff to try and find out what the problem was. So used the samsung recovery 4 system thats already installed on the computer, getting a bit desperate at this point as i had loads of work to complete which involved hotmail. Didn't read the recovery properly, just clicked go and its wiped my complete 'C' drive, i never backed it up and its took the computer back to day one. The whole family has been in tears over this as you can imagine there is about 4-5 years worth of family pics gone. Is it reversible in some way?? Are the files lurking somewhere on the hard drive?? or am i fucked and lost them all?? Cheers Mark
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