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  1. will the oil cap fit mine ?
  2. SaMMy125

    brembo 4 pots

    good stuff, now you an ray can see who can out brake one another lol will pop over some time to take a look boi
  3. SaMMy125

    brembo 4 pots

    so what the new ones look like ? now to brem the civic or not ahhh, can guarantee to any buyer these will be mint coming off naths rs and very easy to fit to an escort
  4. looking good mate , like the wheels haha
  5. The ones that come with the bumper are Ring Halo fog lights, can get them from halfords or off evo 100mm
  6. Chris what size thickness of discs are you running and what size thickness of discs (should) you be using with them hi spec 4 pots?
  7. cowboy it with a few copper washers thats safe then
  8. Try holding a T-50 Torx piece in there, then undo the 17mm nut the other side. If you have fucked the bolt don't panic, there about 2 quid from Ford. BINGO "I THINK IF YOU READ YOUR HAYNES MANUAL" rather than just looking at the pictures"""""" it tells you to hold the Torx end and undo the 17mm nut on the other side" just as mexico_16v says
  9. Iv got a brand new ford rear engine mount for sale drop me a pm http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g186/crashandburn125/IMG_2130.jpg £40 collected
  10. SaMMy125


    around £30 for the new pump, 2hr's labour from a good garage £120 ish , good idea to get your cam belt and tentioners done at the same time £60-£90 for the kit depending on make
  11. stunning mark , amazing condition
  12. valve stem seals common cvh issue, quite easy to fix, can even be done care fully with the head still on, just dont drop a valve into one of the cylinders lol
  13. I have to take my hat off at the work going on there, good stuff good effort with the fire too
  14. ahhhh man would of had this off you to drop a 2.0 in, but you had to take the dremel to it lol .........
  15. at least hes had ago at sanding the paint back....... nice mg spoiler aswell ... 4 door rs rep crew
  16. 8 j comp alloys for the win , would finish it off ....
  17. SaMMy125

    Pikachu Escort?

    http://www.geeknews.net/images/2008/03/pikachu_cosplay.jpg holy sh@t... never google'in that phrase again
  18. Na prob just just the tracking ........ welsh coppers are the best "so whats your age " " and date of birth" - "1986" " Yessss but what day " - "1986" "what month" -"1986" "ok , so that makes you how old" - "26" "no it doesnt now, by this point i was getting abit frustrated" Sounds funnier in a welsh accent haha
  19. you will prob find the mini usb connector is soldered stright onto the main board, not a home solder job got a local tv repair place you can take it to, to be micro soldered?
  20. haha the damage was done going over that roundabout, eerrrrrr or that curb at 80 mph ......... held up well for an m reg
  21. SaMMy125

    Hard Drive Problem

    whats your mother board ? and firmware version its running ?
  22. Good question would like to know this too Cheers Rich ohhh my days !!!!!!!!! , you dont neeeeeeed to space the mk3 mondeo calipers out there a direct fit thats why every one goes for them, sooo easy to fit
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