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  1. My most sincere apologies, I hope one day to own a more 'rarer' car Rarer?
  2. Paintwork still looks amazing mate, still love this car, hope the new owner enjoys it! Never knew you done that bonnet! Looks awesome, but i'd definitely keep it once you sell the car, bit of nostalgia
  3. Long time no see Evo I purchased this for my Celica but long story short - Won't fit and I don't have the reciept so no refund. I bought this brand new from Ford (Yes Ford) about 3 months ago for £32 Fits an Escort bumper nicely or even better, an EvoTech bumper... with only light trimming at the edges (see my mod topic if it's still here) £25 delivered, £20 collected. No offers. Please don't buy if you're in a hurry for it, it WILL take me a week or 2 to clear time and get this posted, as my days off are now also taken up... honesty is the best policy, right?. If you want an immediate reply, PM me or text me on 07540 1313 77
  4. All sorted with the buyer, I offered him half a refund and he can keep the items to sell on to make hopefully his money (plus some) back. I cba with more wasted time I thought I was just going to do somebody a good deed and get some cheap wishbones, but obviously not..
  5. KNITERIDER, just recieved a PM from the buyer of the wishbones: You know anything about this?
  6. It doesn't tell you which is I'm presuming on that site it means width then depth then height? If that's right postage is around £7-8 depending who I go with and when they can collect
  7. I'll go to the post office tomorrow and get it weighed/priced
  8. My apologies I could have sworn I was told they were, but ok then. Standard wishbones £20 + postage No pics (They are still wrapped up and in the box they came in)
  9. Yea I think they are brand new, again I need to hear back from Ross for confirmation does anyone know if he's alright ?
  10. I have NO idea how they're uprated i'm not going to lie, you're best bet would be to get in touch with Ross, I tried to get in touch to get some more info but haven't heard anything back from him yet Also no pics as they are still in the exact box and unopened as ross then them
  11. Bought these off Ross (knite) about a year ago but never fitted them, think he said they were Robson Motorsport or somehtimg, i've tried to messsage him on Facebook but haven't heard nothing back. Don't wanna make any money on them just want money back £20 + Postage (Will get it priced tomorrow) or £20 collected.
  12. LiamGTR

    G3 Range

    I bought the full setup + ann the sponges and stuff at Halfords while it was on offer, i'm no "detailer" but it gave the car a new shine and took alot of the swirl marks & scratches away. For someone who isn't too picky or think they are 'detailers', i'd recommend it
  13. I don't really have to 'sell it' to yous, yous know the score, but for those who might be new... Basically it's a standard 1.4 Encore with: GTI skirts and spats A Replica fogged front bumper with Cupra R splitter Cabby spoiler with working brake light 16" Mondeo/GTI rep wheels. Colour coded door handles and bump strips Car still drives well but is currently SORN so no tax or MOT (Hence the price) £250 sold as seen, buyer collects, no questions asked. Most recent pics (Yes I should have washed it): http://i611.photobucket.com/albums/tt199/LiamPearson/Escort/SAM_0127.jpg http://i611.photobucket.com/albums/tt199/LiamPearson/Escort/SAM_0124.jpg http://i611.photobucket.com/albums/tt199/LiamPearson/Escort/SAM_0119.jpg http://i611.photobucket.com/albums/tt199/LiamPearson/Escort/SAM_0118.jpg
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