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  1. Thanks a lot mate. Much appreciated:thumbs:
  2. Hi guys, Im trying to get my sisters car back on the road after it has been in storage for over a year. Unfortunately the battery went flat during that time and now the radio doesnt work. The model: 6000 CD Tuner The code is: M034479 Id be very greatful if someone with the relevant software could PM me the code. Thanks
  3. Sounds good guys, thanks for the suggestions. Its always promising when more than one person has fixed the problem using the same solution. Il see if I can get hold of a spare. My dad informed me that very rarely the car will stutter as he comes to a stop. Still sound like the coil pack?
  4. Hey guys, Question about the 2.0 zetec. I know some of you guys have them so thought I should ask here as I got no replies from FordMondeo.org. The old mans mondeo 2.0 mk2 likes to misbehave at 2k rpm. The car can be driving or idling, but occasionally when it gets to 2k rpm it will cough and stutter. The revs will fall off. Pressing the gas pedal will do nothing. It takes a few seconds but then will eventually carry on as normal. 99% of the time it happens when its cold. Possibly a temperature item? This is the only thing that is ruining the car for him. Can anyone help? Thanks I found this site... http://www.btinternet.com/~madmole/Referen...ml#EGPD%20valve ... and will be systematically working through the solutions it suggests. but if anyone has any suggestions they would greatly be received.
  5. mikelskas

    Mike W

    Thanks Mike. Today I realized they may be a bit dark though. The monitor I made them on is not calibrated. When I viewed them on another monitor I realized this. If you need one editing let me know. (cant seem to edit so.....) Awesome Cossie... http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2598/3863458942_f66bf8e9cd.jpg
  6. mikelskas

    Mike W

    The rest are here Mike. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikelskas/set...57622157814740/
  7. mikelskas

    Mike W

    Thats an awesome pic mate, any chance you have a high res version? or anymore from the day? Thanks Mike. Give me a few mins I need to sort out what i have. Oh and sorry to have got you in trouble with these guys:)
  8. mikelskas

    Mike W

    Looking good. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2488/3863132988_219110d645.jpg
  9. Si/Kev, Thanks a lot for your help. We ended up buying it and will pick it up next week. Il post some pics in the show us your car section! Thanks again:)
  10. Thanks for the fast reply DutchKev, one guy on the Mondeo forum has advised against getting an autobox. I cant find any info on why not though.
  11. Evening all, My dad and myself are looking at a Mondeo mk2 tomorrow morning. I wondered if anyone could give any pointers on things to look for? I have asked on the Mondeo forum but haven't had any replies, must be a quiet night, and seeing as we are heading out tomorrow morning to look at one I thought I would ask here as a last ditch attempt. The car details: 2000 Mondeo Ghia 2.0 auto 47k There is no service history which is slightly suspicious but the car is MINT we are unsure on what to do. Any tips/advice greatly received.
  12. Can you guys get back online yet? I cant....
  13. Damn thats busted. I recently had this fixed for a total of 270. I sourced the bumper and bonnet. They got a new wing, pulled everything out and painted it. If that cost 270 then Im guessing yours will be a write off. The red one we had fixed handles horribly now too. It just doesnt feel the same. So on that basis I wouldnt want it fixed. Although on the other hand will you be able to find another escort that you can cherish due to it being in great condition?
  14. as in the title guys. Looking for a wing to replace my sisters bent one. I am located in Manchester, can meet/collect if necessary. Thanks
  15. This is my sisters Escort. She took a corner too fast, ran wide and mounted a central reservation. Luckily no one was around. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3623/3561182566_ab9967c946_o.jpg As you can see the wing is a mess. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2480/3560367207_7848bd0fa0_o.jpg Thanks to Marshy I have a replacement bonnet and bumper which will be going on. Just need a wing! Two radiant reds in the sun! http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3363/3561183008_c845d78120_o.jpg
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