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  1. My orion has been having Omex 600 and Jenvey ITBs fitted to replace the previous carb setup. The car was running DCOM carbs, but these were proving unreliable and were spoiling the car. Most of the work has been carried out by Phoenix Automotive Technology, including rewiring the entire engine bay with a bespoke loom. They have done a fantastic job. Sadly, on the final power run, the engine started knocking, so although the work has been done, I am still left with a car that I cannot drive! I need to decide if I am going to get the bottom end rebuilt, replace it with another bottom end, or change the engine for something else. However, before I get on to that, I am going to complete the rewiring of the instruments and the other interior wiring.The fuel system:http://ockwell.net/orion/carpictures/20161010/1.jpg http://ockwell.net/orion/carpictures/20161010/2.jpg http://ockwell.net/orion/carpictures/20161010/3.jpgReady to be collected and arrival:http://ockwell.net/orion/carpictures/20161005/3.jpg http://ockwell.net/orion/carpictures/20161005/4.jpg http://ockwell.net/orion/carpictures/20161005/5.jpgThe installation:http://ockwell.net/orion/carpictures/20161208/2.jpg http://ockwell.net/orion/carpictures/20161208/4.jpg http://ockwell.net/orion/carpictures/20161208/5.jpgThe finished installation: http://ockwell.net/orion/carpictures/20161220/1.jpg http://ockwell.net/orion/carpictures/20161220/2.jpg http://ockwell.net/orion/carpictures/20161220/3.jpg http://ockwell.net/orion/carpictures/20161220/4.jpgThe rolling road: http://ockwell.net/orion/carpictures/20170106/1.jpg http://ockwell.net/orion/carpictures/20170106/2.jpg http://ockwell.net/orion/carpictures/20170106/3.jpg http://ockwell.net/orion/carpictures/20170106/4.jpg http://ockwell.net/orion/carpictures/20170106/5.jpg http://ockwell.net/orion/carpictures/20170106/6.jpg http://ockwell.net/orion/carpictures/20170106/7.jpgHome: http://ockwell.net/orion/carpictures/20170111/2.jpg
  2. I'm after a silver top 2.0 zetec engine.
  3. The CVH one is different: http://www.fiestaturbo.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=195980
  4. Thanks, doesn't the zetec one mount with the coil pack perpendicular to the head?
  5. CVH EFi Coil pack bracket as fitted to any mk.5 escort or mk.3 fiesta with an EFi CVH engine
  6. Thank you for your reply. Indeed, I rather short-sightedly fitted a flywheel from a non-EFi escort and enlarged the bolt holes to 11mm to fit on the 2l zetec crank. I agree that the best solution would be to fit a flywheel that has the required pickup. I assume I have either use a CVH Escort/Fiest flywheel that has EFi and enlarge the bolt holes to 11mm or use a 1.8 zetec flywheel. Am I looking for something like this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ESCORT-RS-TURBO-EFI-FIESTA-RS-TURBO-ZVH-ZETEC-TURBO-220MM-EFI-FLYWHEEL-/281994696675?hash=item41a83197e3:g:6QUAAOSwtUtXBSQG Indeed, my car still has the 2l zetec CPS in it. Would this work with the flywheels above and the Omex?
  7. My Ford Orion current has a ZVH engine with DCOM carbs and a standard Distributor. I am looking at the feasibility of fitting the Omex TBs and 600 series management as I am fed up with the carbs leaking and setting up and the struggle with emissions. It would appear this is the best option: http://omextechnology.co.uk/Omex%20G...it%20v4_02.pdf I am aware that I shall need to fit a high pressure fuel pump and swirl pump. The part that concerns me is the trigger wheel and crank position sensor. My current flywheel has no facility for a CPS. I have seen some ZVH installations with a trigger wheel and CPS sensor mounted on the cam pulley, but it seems that the crank pulley is the ideal location for this. Does anybody know of any companies that perhaps have modified the bottom pulley for the trigger wheel and sensor or a company that would be prepared to fabricate something? will this work with a ZVH? http://www.burtonpower.com/weber-cra...99902-956.html I understand the other option is to fit a 220mm zetec 1.8 flywheel or EFi CVH flywheel which has the pickup for the CPS, with the bolt holes enlarged to 11mm. Is this an option with the Omex? What CPS do I require, the Omex one or the standard one?
  8. and this is what it looks like now http://i1051.photobucket.com/albums/s436/tockwell/Img_1455_zps00cf7b48.jpg http://i1051.photobucket.com/albums/s436/tockwell/Img_1452_zps0f5dab42.jpg http://i1051.photobucket.com/albums/s436/tockwell/Img_1442_zps2d5d6eb1.jpg http://i1051.photobucket.com/albums/s436/tockwell/IMG_1443_zpsd4c41fc2.jpg
  9. LOL, it certainly isn't a daily
  10. Now has HiSpec 4 pots and 300mm discs http://i1051.photobucket.com/albums/s436/tockwell/Img_1146_zps7c16771a.jpg http://i1051.photobucket.com/albums/s436/tockwell/Img_1144_zps9f73251d.jpg http://i1051.photobucket.com/albums/s436/tockwell/Img_1147_zpsc82d214c.jpg http://i1051.photobucket.com/albums/s436/tockwell/Img_1150_zps2e7096e0.jpg http://i1051.photobucket.com/albums/s436/tockwell/Img_1142_zps00d8056b.jpg http://i1051.photobucket.com/albums/s436/tockwell/Img_1148_zpscea09c44.jpg http://i1051.photobucket.com/albums/s436/tockwell/Img_1139_zps399ce157.jpg http://i1051.photobucket.com/albums/s436/tockwell/Img_1134_zps7ff33216.jpg
  11. Hello, Not sure if it is the best, second best or third best orion lol. The latest things involve a lot of aeroquip, the carbs being rebuilt (after a massive fuel leak), the head being rebuilt (bad head work - valve guides had fallen to pieces), the head welded to turn the EFi inlets to carb ones, helper springs being fitted, and a rolling road setup.
  12. After an awful lot of work, it is back again. http://i1051.photobucket.com/albums/s436/tockwell/659eb369.jpg http://i1051.photobucket.com/albums/s436/tockwell/7e5c50f9.jpg http://i1051.photobucket.com/albums/s436/tockwell/9b280700.jpg http://i1051.photobucket.com/albums/s436/tockwell/4dd208ca.jpg http://i1051.photobucket.com/albums/s436/tockwell/37a292e9.jpg http://i1051.photobucket.com/albums/s436/tockwell/44a4dd34.jpg http://i1051.photobucket.com/albums/s436/tockwell/c5f10a55.jpg http://i1051.photobucket.com/albums/s436/tockwell/a45eea9c.jpg http://i1051.photobucket.com/albums/s436/tockwell/a38217f2.jpg Comments appreciated ;-)
  13. Hello, My mk.3 orion has failed the MoT because it does not have 'spring helpers' on the coilovers. Apparently, when the car is jacked up the spring can move freely. I understand 'spring helpers' compress fully when the car is on its wheels but expand to fill the gap when there is no or little weight on the wheel. They were not included in the kit and haven't ever seen any on a set of avo coilovers Has anyone had any experience of this? I haven't ever seen coilovers to have a problem because they have flat bottoms and tops and can't exactly come out of the cups. The car has had them fitted for about 6 years and I haven't had a problem hitherto, but it was taken to a different garage by an engineering company doing other work.
  14. Actually if it is a comparative and an adverb, then 'More Quickly' is correct. 'Quicklyer' is also correct, but is considered archaic. For example, 'you should run more quickly' is grammatically correct as quickly qualifies run which is a verb. It annoys me when people use an adjective rather than an adverb, such as in 'Drive safe' [sic]. Drive is a verb so an adverb should be used; it is 'Drive Safely'.
  15. I've just taken a picture and it is hard to see from where it is leaking. It does have a regulator (3psi), (but not a return until quite recently), but I think the fuel pump has been run for too long for the engine running (or on idle maybe) http://ockwell.net/car-temp/carb/1.jpg http://ockwell.net/car-temp/carb/2.jpg http://ockwell.net/car-temp/carb/3.jpg
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