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  1. Hi all, I know you are all sworn to escorts, as I once was. But for any of you with an interest in Beetles or VW Campers, please checkout www.justdubz.co.uk . I used to have an escort and loved it to bits, was a regular visitor here. Couple of years back I bought the BM, but since then I have bought a house and a german shepherd. A friend of mine runs justdubz, a VW workshop in bedfordshire. I have helped him develop justdubz.co.uk for an online community and to bring some more trade in. I am also thinking of buying a camper for myself as I go camping in the summer and a tax exempt camper would be excellent as a second car for taking the dog camping, the coupe just isn't practical! So if you've got 10 minutes to spare or you know anyone with a keen interest please take a look at the site and forum. Cheers Dan
  2. Amazing vid! I haven't been on this forum for about 2 years. Used to be a club member when I had my mk6 mexico. Now it seems every1 has gone down the same route as me and got a Bmw Coupe. I've just logged in and skipped over a few pages and there has been a bmw sig on them all. lol Dan
  3. £850 is well cheap Ian!! WHat company u with? Dan
  4. Make: BMW Model: 320i Coupe Ins Group: 14 Age: 20 NCB: 2 Years Cover: TPFT Points: 6 for speeding Premium Cost: £925 with Express Insurance I have not declared my wheels, spoiler, suspension or colour coding Shhh Dan
  5. Yes to the 1st question. And my mate did a pass plus and it knocked his premium down by £75ish I think! Dan
  6. The waterboy is on at 10.15. I ain't seen it b4 but all my mates say it's good. Should I watch it or not? Dan
  7. Here's me. Bit poor quality cos it was taken on a mobile fone camera! Dan
  8. Hey Al, You know of any sites like escort evo for us BMW owners? I was always on here when I had my escort. I got my Beemer in July and I cannot find any decent forums, sites or clubs online. 99% of them were German, the only semi decent one i found was www.e36coupe.com Just thought that you or anyone else for that matter may know of any other decent websites, aimed more at Modified BM's. Cheers Dan
  9. My funniest one is the simplist one. All trigger has to say is... "Alright Dave" and im in stitches
  10. I try not 2 be a stranger but its hard to keep up on all these forums. Sooo many posts I cant keep up! Xmas was great...Roll on New Years Eve! Dan
  11. Hi all, I sometimes speak to some of u lot on msn from time to time. But today some Plonker has changed my password and my secret question. I am totally locked out and i dunno who has done it. It must be someone I know!? Anyway, if any of u lot want to add me again, i've made a new address: dan_robinson2003@hotmail.com Or u can leave urs in this post and i'll add u. Cheers Dan
  12. I am the Information Services Support for Jordans matt. Jordans is a company based in Biggleswade which makes Cereal bars and healthy cereals. They are apparantly the biggest cereal manufacturer in the UK. Larger than weetabix. Which i found hard to believe
  13. Cheers guys. Yeah. The main thing im gonna miss is my workmates, but I'm sure i'll meet new ones at Jordans Dan
  14. Felt good to quit my job yesterday. The company have been pissing me about for 2 and a half years now so i thought i go find another job and leave my current one at short notice seeing as they aint bothered to sort my contract out. Anyways, I now got a great xmas, then I start my new Job at Jordans (the cereal makers) in their I.T department. I am the IS Support. Just wanted to tell everyone!! Dan
  15. Gorgeous mate. All i would say is how about some wheel spacers or make the front wheels come out more and fill the bodywork? Other than that, shite hot. Excellent job Dan
  16. Flat out cossie mate! Must be a pig to insure tho. Im still thinking of getting an esccos, depending on if I get a new job soon with more pay. I find out on friday! Dan
  17. Download it mate! From Bit Torrent or kazaa
  18. I got it today for the PS2! It is absolutly shite hot. Been playing it all nite. ANyone else got it? It comes out 2moro but i pre oredered it from gameplay and got it 2day! Dan
  19. Yes mate I got it on DVD> Its like £7.99 on play.com now!!! I payed £11.99 when it came out and i thought that was cheap. DMX kicks ass. Was a bit similar to Exit Wounds tho! Dan
  20. Looks a safe distance to me m8. Unless he forgot to put his handbrake on
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