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  1. Joe


    What music lol? I need some speakers
  2. Joe


    have you ever glanced on there, everyone that posts is staff. Incorrect.
  3. Joe

    My GTi :)

    Just noticed your car looks like a puppy Mirrors: If you like them, keep them, I personally think they look poo, especially from front on view.
  4. A hundred English pounds is alot of money to some of us to throw away though..
  5. Joe


    Why? I'm not Incorrect.
  6. Looks like it's in great nick tbh.
  7. Joe


    That he may be, but why the new ebay account? What was the feedback like on his old one? He closed all his switch making accounts including paypal, ebay, and bank account
  8. Joe


    Everyone of his 'customers' have received there parts / money back You will too mate
  9. Here's one... Derby to win 2-0 tomorrow, Oakley to score first, and '*trying to remember his name*' to score last, 14,000-1 Derby will be trying to do this too.... and Mike...you're going to place £100, on a horse that you know nothing about
  10. Joe


    I think you'd probably get on fine with him in the real world mate He needed some parts. Im not going to defend him anymore, just state some facts
  11. Ok then, I'll not share my opinion.
  12. De-badging.... Do not see the need for it. So what if it's a 1.1, be Fcuking proud. I don't think it improves the appearence in anyway, just that people behind will think 'oh look, he's took his badges off, must be really fast '
  13. Nice car, as above really, I'd head for the gti spats, cab skirts, and laguna splitter, with mondeo wheels. Pics of the ''Euor V--dubs'' :) and Welcome.
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