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  1. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Escort-Orion-Meyle-HD-Front-Lower-Wishbone-Control-Arms-7160503301-2HD-/321845522596?hash=item4aef7cf0a4:g:XtgAAOSwT6pV3st3
  2. Thing is, I suspect at that age it is the Single Point injection which is kinda a hybrid between EFi and Carb. Not sure if the inlet ports on the later 1.3s or indeed the early ones will accept the CFi. My bet would be, you need to go carb or CFi and ignore efi as it will probably have injector cut outs
  3. Hi Andy, For cost effectiveness and ease of fitting I would recommend fitting another 1.3. The options your state will physically fit and connect to the gearbox absolutely fine, but it's things like the exhaust and inlet as well as the engine management system that could cause a headache. With the diesel you would have to also replace fuel tanks, pumps and lines and isnt worth the hassle Another 1.3 should be easy to source from EBAY as they were fitted to the Fiesta and the Escort of that era and are regarded as bomb proof (Except the one in your boot!). Do you know what the issue is with your current engine, maybe just a head problem....in which case, a replacement head could be the ultimate, easy fix
  4. I have just fitted ST150 brakes. 278mm and a straight swap and able to keep my 15inch GTi wheels. I upgraded from 260mm which did a good job so I hope these will be even better. Look also into your brake compound as this makes a large difference
  5. Think they are different. Banjo connector on the 260mms
  6. Subframe Gearbox mounts Driveshafts Selector Flywheel + Clutch Clutch cable Unless you are running more power then I wouldn't bother, the MTX75 hasn't got such a good gear change to it.
  7. Ratios from the mk5/6 1.3 I think are short but I may well be mistaken
  8. Excellent, let me have your paypal details and I shall have them
  9. If these are radiant red and Supersport doesn't have them then I am interested
  10. I have had this on mine, I have bought 2 doors and both have been set too far back and hitting the rear quarter. I have adjusted the pins a little by filing them off to push the door further forward. Car is a 1995 Mk6 so there must have been a difference within the mk6 year run
  11. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v58/Mattxr3i/WeightLoss_zpse2406fdd.jpg Column on the left is what I achieved, car got weighed at 1015 and then I removed 14kgs of stuff. Column on the right is what I could get down to if I used fibreglass panels etc. Bonnet etc weighed and then fibreglass panels researched!
  12. Mk5 xr3i, interior stripped completely and bucket seats that weigh around 8kgs each. Got it to 1015kgs. I also have a spreadsheet of how mich each component weighed - yes, I am that sad
  13. If the engine has overheated to the extent that the engine sounded like a diesel then I would be doing some tests to make sure the leaking waterpump hasn't caused a Head Gasket Failure - compression test would suffice. If the head gasket has gone and combined with the clutch going then you may well be better off considering another Escort.... To get to the bumper, take the grill and the plastic covers off. The above compression test should be able to be performed by any garage
  14. Not going to be able to get down this weekend as I am having a few issues with our house move. Will be next weekend now - sorry
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