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  1. I have two escorts and after many years of wanting one I finally have an rs2000. It makes me sad looking at the for sale thread and seeing how cheap they went back in the day
  2. Hello!!! this forum brings back a lot of nice memories!! peewee your cabriolet is currently listed being broken for parts
  3. love it, always been my fav
  4. hey! always liked Marks car - what ever happened to it? your new one looks good
  5. sleeman! you are a blast from the past!
  6. This forum back in the day was awesome, not that it still isn't. Escorts now are few and far between to find a decent one, however show me a shiny rs2k or a gti and I'd bite your hand off for it. Shows with these guys were amazing, I remember making the almighty trip from scotland for ford fair. Always gave me goose bumps when convoying with you guys, all you saw for miles was a sea of escorts lol
  7. Yeah Jam was awesome :-( Aww wow that's great news x
  8. Bongo it was just coz u are cool and I wanted to be like you :-) Hello James how you doing? You alright sidrick xx
  9. no havnt had an escort for about 4 years
  10. Hey guys its been a while since i have been on this forum, nice to see some of the "old" regulars are still about (and by old i dont mean age lol) Not sure if some will remember me, however i have fond memories of this place, i have never found a forum as friendly and as helpful as this one. Even when at ford fair with you guys, everyone was always really nice. Awww i miss you guys
  11. Will b a real shame to see Robs car broken as it is stunning. And looks in really good condition. Ive already cancelled my flights etc to come down etc
  12. Yeah it is a stunning car for the money, but that's another story. Think I'm not meant to have an escort again
  13. Aww it wasnt the white one I'm talking about. I was buying a black one from a mate, and it needed the chassis welded, but the tank needed dropped out. He wanted to much for the car so just left it x
  14. Awww not good like. Worst thing is, I was buying it for my partner she is totally gutted. Just gonna take it as a sign that it's not meant to be lol.
  15. Thanx guys but not buying the car anymore as it turns out it needs a shed load of welding. Thank you all tho. And yes that's me, I enquired about it
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