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  1. duffa

    H4 led's

    Bought by mistake , 102 SMD's £9 free delivery , located near to Newcastle
  2. ebay clicky http://i148.photobucket.com/albums/s23/duffa1966/_12_zps2e6067a6.jpg
  3. I must be the only one who has a road set, winter set and track set? i have both summer AND winter tyres on rims ...but no track tyres ..not sure my taxi would beat much
  4. nope and I aint the knob center / front !!!
  5. taxi drivers xmas/new years day out I'll let you guess
  6. doesn't look or sound too good clicky
  7. work !...someones gotta taxi the drunks about
  8. conspiracy theory ? some of the points do make you think ...or have they just been changed ??? faked death ?
  9. http://i148.photobucket.com/albums/s23/duffa1966/tombstone_zps602e1952.jpg
  10. disgusting, how depraved to make silly childish jokes about the death of a person who selflessly devoted so much of his time to helping others, you f*ckin sicken me to the core...... .....feckin nobjockey made the first joke even though I was holding back for the oportune moment if you read the comments ..the video was uploaded 4 months before this happened
  11. what about the other bloke that was driving ?
  12. try having a butchers through this gadget show reviews
  13. not sure if anyone is interested >>> clicky just realised...5 stud ..still not a bad price though
  14. downloaded this for my S3 ...and can I BUGGER work it out !!!
  15. I'm fed up with the price of cartridge shavers ..so may have a go at the old 'double edged' shavers / blades .. anyone tried them before ?
  16. yeah ..nice kits ... but wouldnt really fancy making some wheels with those kits ... suppose its all about looks with dipping
  17. he's now put a price of £250 on them if anyones interested
  18. not sure where to post this ..spotted/for sale ..please move if needed , but think its a cracking idea ..these are also for sale to the highest bidder ..not me thats selling btw clicky
  19. Jack Reacher ..not bad for a Tom Cruise film ..now available on Sky 8/10
  20. definitely something to question ...found this though >> clicky
  21. duffa

    Haynes manual

    free.... if you pay postage
  22. duffa

    Radio code

    so I can sell the wifies car ... M013725 ..cheers
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