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bongo last won the day on July 6 2017

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  • Birthday 12/06/1979

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    2.0 si...soon to be 2.3 :-)....1.8 zetec focus as my daily....

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    southwales valley boy
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    anything with an engine

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bongo's Feedback

  1. VanMan_Jas left Positive feedback   

    Good comms, quick delivery, straight forward no problems.

    bongo was The Seller

  2. scottybo left Positive feedback   

    great guy!

    bongo was The Seller

  3. MightyNexx left Positive feedback   

    Great service.

    bongo was The Seller

  4. JC left Positive feedback   

    Perfect seller, recomend to all, many thanks!

    bongo was The Seller

  5. JC left Positive feedback   

    Excellent buyer, superfast payment!

    bongo was The Seller

  6. DaweV6 left Positive feedback   

    Bought pedals - smooth transaction. Item in better condition then described :)

    bongo was The Seller

  7. RobMk6 left Positive feedback   

    Awesome seller, no probs what so ever. cheers

    bongo was The Seller

  8. JC left Positive feedback   

    Bought alloys off Marc, very happy, recomended seller, and good to chat to you in person!

    bongo was The Seller

  9. oxheylady left Positive feedback   

    fantastic seller with superfast delivery thank you :)

    bongo was The Seller

  10. danposs86 left Positive feedback   

    Sold to bongo, he was from the congo, also fast payment.

    bongo was The Seller

  11. RDS6006 left Positive feedback   

    good seller with quick delivery

    bongo was The Seller

  12. fekyo left Positive feedback   

    Yeah I bought spats from bongo, took a while (bout 3 weeks), and he was ready to refund me, then they came.cheers mate, nice one.

    bongo was The Seller

  13. Stu left Positive feedback   

    pukka buyer. I cocked up and had to reverse the transaction.

    bongo was The Seller

  14. 1pukkadeal left Positive feedback   

    Bought off bongo ,spot on

    bongo was The Seller

  15. cjdonny left Positive feedback   

    Quick Payment

    bongo was The Seller

  16. lazy_arse_pie left Positive feedback   

    spot on cheers

    bongo was The Seller

  17. sutty2006 left Positive feedback   

    Top Bloke!

    bongo was The Seller

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