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  1. You organising another league for this year Craig? might be a few more interested this time round with the new reg's & all.
  2. Can't wait to see this but not going till Tuesday...
  3. Hey everyone, thought I'd let you guy s know have sold the cabby... Someone I know expressed an interest so I didn't actually advertise it anywhere. Being 6'4 I was finding it a bit uncomfortable on leg room for the mileage I am currently doing so was after something a bit more practical & comfortable & I just can't afford to keep 2 cars right now, I've purchased something I can use for work to go as a self employed taxi driver again (am back working for my old firm again just now but my boss is selling up). I asked £1350 for the car & took £1300 for it as it was, will really miss driving her as it handled like a dream after I spent out on the new springs, bushes wishbones ect. Took ownership of this earlier this week. http://i.imgur.com/gHsVzIyl.jpg Paid £1220 with 120k on an 03 plate, a lot of car for the money & didn't have to travel very far at all. Sorry not to offer the car on here but I had the cash flashed in front of my face
  4. http://i.imgur.com/POygZcyl.jpg My most recent taken yesterday
  5. Thought it was sorted, had to take it back a couple days later as same problem kept occurring, the cobra alarm had gone faulty so had to pay to have it removed completely. All sorted now no issues what so ever. Think it was the loom, it had been on the car for a long time.
  6. Flux are cheapest for me when quoted escort evolution, they were also able to offer me classical car insurance as the cabby's not really doing much mileage anymore.
  7. Looks clean as dude, I do like a car that's out o the ordinary!
  8. All sorted, bloody immobiliser fault. The grand total of £50 spent & I now have a spare starter motor.
  9. Aye, it's not brand new but it's been tested & works so... With the pump not making any noise & the fact it's not turning over has left me scratching my head a little, I'm doing the starter as I'm sure it was on the way out anyway. Fingers crossed, not gonna have chance to fit it till the weekend tho
  10. Ok thanks for your advice, managed to get a starter for £10 if that doesn't solve it then a new battery next, you'd have thought the battery may be the culprit in usual cold British weather but its been baking this last month.
  11. Ok cheers Ian, I'm gonna take a punt on the starter motor as they don't cost the earth & half the price of a diagnostics check.
  12. Yep there's plenty of power, lights are bright. Tried jumping it with decent cables & also tried to bump her down the road to no avail. Couldn't here the pump priming with leads attached either. So this leads me to think possible ignition or coil pack failure? What else could it be? Had it with cars this week have had 3 taxis go down on me as well! Ggrrrr
  13. Got a petrol cap and key £10 And white speedo clocks £10 Postage £8 Cheers, Tom Sold, pm me PayPal details dude.
  14. Looks that way, the rates at my local ford garage have gone so damn high recently. £89 an hour plus vat
  15. Hey people, my cabby is poorly... The last few days on startup there's been a clicking noise instead of the engine turning over, I thought it might have been coming from the starter motor, it has been eventually starting tho. Now today I've gone to leave work & when put the ignition on I couldn't hear the fuel pump priming, didn't do a thing when turned the key no clicking no turning over, there is power though. Was just wondering if anyone had any ideas before I take it anywhere.
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