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  1. Got a mk6 gti 1.8 I'm breaking It's got 421 box manifold hardly used after 100 Ono Piper cat back 3.5 inch roll tip 100 Ono Set of 16 inch Mondeo wheels one tyre.needs replacing 100 Ono Set of 4o mm springs offer 2 rear 60 mm springs Front ford strut brace Rear sparco strut brace Electric sunroof. Thingy as I added. Remote central locking 1 touch window set up for both sides plug n play Focus st 170 front brakes aswell as rear. Rears never fitted Half Leather is in good nick Low mileage. 1.8 130 bhp engine with documentation to prove as it was a replacent will provide pics. Stuff is still fitted to the car offers on parts without prices. Located in Kent. Will post pics when I can remember how to
  2. hi mate how did u go about polishing the wheels i wanna do my set i have i have a polisher and mine are a tad corroded but can borrow a sand blaster and are u going cossie route ?
  3. i had the issue with petrol cap and key before was fine after i used my new key, just were the other key is quite worn
  4. i had this recently, but only for the value of ten pound ,the fella was quick to respond to my wanted ad on a facebook club forum for a electric mirror switch for my pajero but once paid for asssured me it would be on its way and hed check with his wife and let me no but a week later no switch, contacted him through face book assurd me it was on its way but two weeks later i still hadnt recieved it and still to this day never got it after various email i gave up and just thought its lesson learnt although its only a tenner and i cant do much about it its just an annoying situation atleast he could of had the decency to reply
  5. what one do i need as when i changed the engine in my gti i used the original gti cable which i was told was to long which in fairness it is
  6. how much was gearbox build(ib5 is standard on a gti is is not ) and did u have the lsd already? just ask been looking at doing this
  7. yea i no just need to no what one i need as i m starting get the gti back on the road, was aiming for ford fair but not looking like it will be
  8. always liked these ,me mates into his old fords had quite a nice one of theses with quite a quick 1.7 cross flow now sold on and having a cossie lump fitted,if anything like his dads mk1 escort should be pretty quick
  9. what gearbox and lsd do u have now?
  10. i need a new throttle cable for my gti its got the 130ps engine fitted can any one tell me how hard it is to fit one and what one i need
  11. i have this problem with one i got fitted to mine currently as i fittted a 130ps engine to my gti,the one i have is to small on the maf end so i had to fit a bigger silicone hose over the top that fitted the maf and the bannana hose
  12. my mate has a fair few couple of mexicos a mad mk2 cossie all stripped outand few othe old fords
  13. escrt1.4i

    mk6 parts

    Everythings there mate
  14. Well i havent found it yt basically its been sat around for a while no ,it used to run fine, put fresh petrol in it and. A battery back on it an fuel pump wont seem to Prime but if u spray someeasy start itll crank over
  15. Any specific place Look for a 3 pin socket with a cap on it either on the chassis rail behind the RH headlight or over by the battery Im guessing the obd reader i purchased off u steve wont read this escort then
  16. No its not the same as my gti ie in the footwell
  17. Anyone no were it is. On a l reg mk5 1.6 zetec. As not in passnger foot well
  18. escrt1.4i

    mk6 parts

    all still available
  19. check for live feed at pump/impact switch/fuel pump relay.do you have a chipped key ? Swopped relays and.checked Impact switch. As i say used to start before. And to check for live feed at. Pump were would i do this under the seat ?
  20. I have a mk5 escort im trying to get running its a 1600 zetec. Lx five door been sitting around for some time. I found fuel pump wont prime (turn key usually hear fuel pump buzzing but there isnt any noise) any ideas were to start Fuses all look ok and used to start ?
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