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  1. Regreatable sale has to go now as it jsut sit on my drive cant afford to run it, as i bought a house and getting married nxt month My RS2K Now £2000 no offers 97K 1996 Rs2000 Moondust silver Lots of history and a folder full of receipts and history Mo Expense spared always maintained. 17" alloys with Avon ZZ3 tyres lowered 30mm on PI springs K&N Panel filter Collins Powerchip Scorpian cat back exhaust Recaro seats White dials Motorsport gear knob and handbrake handle Custom made luxury mats. 6 months Tax 12 months Mot http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f333/sorted4/eng1.jpg http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f333/sorted4/rs2000002rear.jpg http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f333/sorted4/rs2000005front.jpg http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f333/sorted4/carpics047.jpg Prob more pics avialbile on my ebay link This is not for faint hearted fast escort last rolling road 160 bhp with out chip so must be at least 165 bhp, these are rare to find esp in Moondust silver, and are classed as a modern day classic so if looked after will always hold it value, i had this car nearly 3 yrs and it never let me down, it is solid under neath as well and was recently waxoyl underneath. Bad points: Like most fords it has slight rust around the tailgate under spoiler and rear arches but these are just cosmetic and could easily be fixed, and few little car park scratches but nothing serious, and for a 11 year old car i would say it in good conditon the interior is still like new. Now £2000 If you interested
  2. my reserve at £2000 had alot of interest so far but see how it goes, if i get more i be happy as i know nxt yr these will go up in value
  3. def notice difference you look healthier how did you loose all the weight, im the oppersite need to put weight on lol
  4. put on ebay why im selling it but i bought a house getting married and cant afford to run it any more, i think im really going to miss this, and it been more reliable than focus tdi i got lol, the Rs2000 are a good car
  5. cheers for the pic of my car and i did get your pics but tbh cant really afford to run it looks nice though so im sure you sell it, as for me im getting married bought a house and flat broke so got to sell my pride and joy getting old sucks lol
  6. my rs2000 If any ones interested get bidding or pm me a price http://carad.ebayimg.com/i17/02/a/000/77/d2/b1b0_4.JPG
  7. money not everyhtign it how well you like your job, i wouldnt mind being a traffic copper, but i think there see my licence and laugh lol, i got 2 cousins who are cops i think htey enjoy it, prob them that odne me for speeding lol
  8. bloody hell kev popular on here as well
  9. bad mistake having a mortgage u never had any money now im always skint since i bought a house, but i guess it better than renting, i was doing the same this time a yr ago and it really hetic time
  10. here one of our focus love that color comes up so shiney, but i too find it boring to drive it nice but to smooth love the rs totally different car, i like a car you feel you driving, focus i find to smooth a boring, the RS just loves to rev lol, but £700 for 2.5v6 aint bad even if it is a vaux but then for the power thats good
  11. bloody hell you got hi ins try insurance supermarket.com i htink they advertise on auto trader list top 50 ins companies, i had to really search for mine plus limited milage helps, bell, admiral and elephant are usually pretty good for young drivers also put u mum on the policy that will help
  12. i like everything on the car but the lights, but then that imo
  13. cant find may pics of my old car sort of laost them the splitter werent to hard ot do jsut bolted straight on to the cossie splitter, but i use to scrap it all the time, then got my laguna splitter recon at work for free and put it on my RS, those splitters usually fit on anything
  14. i would get the wolfrace ones, there look nice would like them for my car if i had the money
  15. if you check my cars bit you see how many i have driven many cars prefere the esc0rt, had xr3i 130 bhp that was fast but had ot brake it due to rot, esc cab but that cost loads to run, had a mk5 1.4 run about, my 1.6si and now the RS2k whcih is a beast and shows up alot of cars
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