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  • Birthday 12/09/1988

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    Ford Escort mk6

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    Chatham, Kent
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    Cars, Going out with mates and more cars

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sebsescort's Feedback

  1. mike19892007 left Positive feedback   

    escort gti seats : top bloke, thanks mate

    sebsescort was The Seller

  2. shawdreamer left Positive feedback   

    sold him a decat aaaaaaaaaages ago and forgot to leave feedback, good buyer, paid instantly BLTN lol

    sebsescort was The Seller

  3. Circle8 left Positive feedback   

    Sold me his single wiper kit. Nice & easy deal. Thanks

    sebsescort was The Seller

  4. adamGTI left Positive feedback   

    seb sold me some bits frm his write off. top bloke!

    sebsescort was The Seller

  5. MikeM left Positive feedback   

    Brought some puma door handles and smoked side repeaters off Sebescort Very happy with the whole transaction Cheers mate

    sebsescort was The Seller

  6. 1pukkadeal left Positive feedback   

    Ok bought from sebsescort, today at the Middx & Hert's meet ,all good fella thank you

    sebsescort was The Seller

  7. mrmetallica left Positive feedback   

    very nice to meet you seb.a great bloke.a pleasure m8 just enjoy your one touch windows.

    sebsescort was The Seller

  8. reid left Positive feedback   

    and payment from seb for rs brakes, went out of his way to pay it into my bank. again awesome

    sebsescort was The Seller

  9. meekstaaa left Positive feedback   

    Sold to Sebescort Met half way nice guy i might actually come down to some of the southend meets (sorry about forgetting the centre caps!)

    sebsescort was The Seller

  10. cjdonny left Positive feedback   

    Bought rocker cover from sebsescort sent recorded good seller

    sebsescort was The Seller

  11. kris left Positive feedback   

    fast payment cheers

    sebsescort was The Seller

  12. robbie left Positive feedback   

    sold to sebescort top guy cheque arrived very quickly would happily buy from him again

    sebsescort was The Seller

  13. bluliz left Positive feedback   

    Sold to Sebscort, perfect

    sebsescort was The Seller

  14. Sedgie07 left Positive feedback   

    was spot on, gave me a gd deal, and a drink wen i picked them up, also he fitted the lights for me, nice1 mate, top lad

    sebsescort was The Seller

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