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  1. I am thinking of getting my wife an iPad Mini for Xmas but not sure which one to go for. The new one with the retina display is £319, while the first generation one is £249. My question is, do the new features and specification justify the extra cost? Or is the first generation one still pretty good?
  2. Tyson Fury is the bloke who punched himself right?
  3. Around 34mpg if I'm lucky. I'd consider the fuel of satan if I ever changed my car in the future. Petrol prices are just ridiculous these days.
  4. I have 4 x V Festival Upgrade Tickets for the Sunday. They allow you to (from their official website): By upgrading to VIP you’ll gain exclusive access to the VIP area offering the following benefits; - A relaxed and spacious environment offering a wider choice of exclusive food and drink outlets - Cash bar with comfortable indoor and outdoor seating areas - Post-festival late bar with DJs on Saturday & Sunday nights - VIP toilet access - Beautiful lakeside location (Weston Park only) Drop me a PM if you're interested Ticket price is £100 so looking for any sensible offers.
  5. I've got Sky+HD downstairs in the lounge and we had some guys come in and install a Magic Eye upstairs in the bedroom. It's been working fine for about 5 months (since we got it installed) and now, every time we use it it's fine for 20 seconds, the TV fizz's and then it goes blurry and then the sound goes! Switching the Sky Box off then on again is a temporary fix but then it's only fine for another 20 seconds! Does anyone have any idea what's causing this problem?
  6. Selling an iPhone 4, locked to Orange/EE and it's the 16GB model. It's in perfect condition and has no scratches or marks. Comes fully boxed with all the accessories. Looking for £200 ONO.
  7. Shiiiiiiit, Microsoft have dropped a bombshell: Clicky Credit to them though.
  8. Thanks guys I'm back:
  9. It's absolutely hilarious! Well, not for Pardew obviously...
  10. wwwd


    I took the missus to Paris just after Xmas and that was bloody expensive! And not worth it either...
  11. wwwd


    close but not close enough , cant help the dates, the bloody wifes work dictates the time we can go, otherwise yes could have got it cheaper £350?
  12. wwwd


    About £300 each return? You are going slap bang in the middle of the kids summer holidays.
  13. So is no-one talking about this then? Does anyone post on here anymore?
  14. I backed up my iPhone 4S via iTunes, as I was told by Apple that was the best way to backup my data (Apps, contacts, etc.) And I've just got myself an iPhone 5, restored from backup and none of my apps come up! Any ideas?!
  15. That's the dilemma I've been having, everyone says the S3 is the phone that finally beats the iPhone, but I'm not convinced.
  16. Yes that is the case, I simply backed my 4 up then plugged in the 5 at which point itunes asks you if you wish to restore from a previous backup or set up as a new phone. No problems here with the 5 at all, I wasn't keen on the S3 as it just feels too large and also feels a bit plastic but as always personal preference I suppose. I have various other reasons for using apple over android but you may not wish to hear all that, just certain things that Android is not good at just yet. So no, not a case of a sheep but knowing what I need to have. But did all of your App data save? I've got a 360 Panoramic App for example and I'd like to keep those!
  17. Thanks for the advice guys. Just wondering Pete - I've got the 4S - can I literally connect my iPhone to iTunes and it will backup everything? (i.e. Apps and data, e-mails, contacts, photos, etc.). Then I should be able to just plug in the 5 and then it'll restore everything?
  18. iPhone 5 or Galaxy Note II?
  19. Clicky And if you search for "Skillens Facebook" you'll find loads of websites laughing about it!
  20. Well done Bradford. They'll be like Cardiff City from a few years ago though and lose in the final against the favourites.
  21. Hope you all have fun celebrating tonight and 2013 brings you happiness and joy http://www.troll.me/images/pissed-off-obama/hey-you-happy-new-year.jpg
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