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  1. Make me a decent offer and I'll do the post for free
  2. i'll send you pics of it later on do you have a maf cover too?
  3. paddy i got a fuel rail injector loom cover autospecialists one with 16v laser cut out, powdercoated red currently, also have a non abs brake resevoir cover too if want it? assuming you'll be needing a front mount starter motor? hope it clears the manifold!
  4. good man! great bumpers for the escorts!
  5. i think i saw that one advertised on facebook, got a right bargain there pat! is that still the original gelcoat
  6. i know right still hanging around! lol
  7. mondeo mk3 calipers can be picked up almost anywhere, probably best looking at a scrap yard for a pair even check some jags as they have same ones pads and discs easily bought anywhere, euro car parts do good deals on brembo brakes, and can sort you out a pair of hoses, you can also ask goodridge or similar to make you up a pair suited for the caliper and car as for wheels, everyone will say 16 inch wheels and bigger will do, however there are some 15 inch wheels that can fit over them they just need to be motorsport/lightweight types i think some team dynamics pro race 15's fit over them
  8. blimey you still got it? has it changed much?
  9. the barrells can be rebuilt but beware of how it comes apart and how it goes back in again though its a very tricky and fiddly system
  10. no idea really probably may have to ask ford to see about part numbers that get used in other vehicles. is yours a zetec engine with ib5 gearbox? if so maybe an updated puma 1.7 gear linkage may help as its a shorter shift
  11. maybe the linkage needs a service/overhaul or replace it completely
  12. worth a try, escort hoses as standard are banjo fitment at the caliper end, i know mondeo mk1 ones fit the mk3 mondeo calipers, could be useful?

    Cossie parts

    hows does £100 sound all including p&p??
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