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  1. Sorry matey was doing it all from memory ,reckon I have still missed a couple too did have a pic What was Aaron doing at nicolas feet and yes del you were in the background http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w274/1pukkadeal/herts%20september/DSCF0007.jpg
  2. what is it with all the sports governing bodies they are all so anti-english its disgusting ,as its the same in football too with fifa
  3. Any reports or comments please post in the correct section and not on this thread Click
  4. For a change I was'nt snap happy but loads of others did no doubt take pics ,considering how crappy the weather was ,I have to say a big thanks for all you guys that showed up as numbers were up on last months meet despite the weather which was a great surprise,Was a real nice change to have a bite to eat and a drink in a friendly warm pub before we did our convoy down to woodside ,where some of the lads that were at Trax headed down such as heavyrightfoot , Mike W and sleeman much respect to you guys also that made the extra trip,We had a Very pleasant surprise with the return of a member who we all feared we had seen the last of, For a change I should name all those that made it as I have no decent pictures this time, Nath ,TommyT ,Kylie ,Star_escort ,Meekstaaa ,Heavyrightfoot ,Sleeman ,Fordgangster ,Richie_Si ,Mike W ,Slatch ,gwenzil ,Mykez69 ,Stoney ,Fat Del ,Sammy125 ,Mystery member ? , chico ,and the biggest praise goes to carfreak88 who made the mahooosive trip up from devon again (500 mile round trip) and of coarse myself Again thanks all you guys , you are the best
  5. Just saw Wayne as he popped down from trax with mike w and sleeman ,sounds like it was a good event once the heavens dried up for you guys ,look forward to any more pics
  6. Just trying to mix it up a bit mike to give people choice , see you later
  7. I was given a set of these for my current car which I fitted ,but to be honest unless you was uprated the watts on the bulb to a higher rate I noticed no real difference from the phillips ones,so save your money and stick with what you have
  8. Thanks but turning down offers of £1400+ and accepting a lower offer £800 would be just plain nuts all will be revealed in due course
  9. I did a full list of 4x100 fitment in the thread dan click
  10. Shame really but thats the game of boxing
  11. I hope all you guys at trax have a good day even if the man upstairs leaves the taps on . 2pm TODAY at the harvester folks ,then 4pm we will move the 200 yards down the road to the normal woodside venue Sat nav users = Harvester 1400hrs to 1600hrs WD25 0LL. Or 2pm to 4pm if you like Woodside 1600hrs or 4pm onwards WD25 7JZ
  12. paypal is shite, had enough of people frauding me to be honest cheque or postal order, or cash on pick up is perfectly fine, with a cheque you have my name and home adderess with paypal you have nothing, as i have found out many times paypal is a rip off we all know ,but from the buyer point of view they get buying protection for some peace of mind hence why so many people use it
  13. charge rate does go up in voltage with the engine running not normally that high though ,was it a good voltage tester you were using ?
  14. the sub in its box is a good one ,surprised no one has snapped this up for £50 even though the amp is not the best
  15. We are all car enthusiats on here so dont worry about it as Im sure nobody objects ,as you never know it may tickle someones fancy on here,always better to post pics too as they say a 1000 words you know !.
  16. For the look you are going after on this car they are simply pukka as on normal cars they would look poo ,they look the dogs danglies to me
  17. Thats a very winston churchill attitude Mike and I like it ,Good on you fella either way
  18. Ebay will be your best bet for these
  19. they suit that colour pretty damn well pete ,lookin good
  20. still raining here and the sky is pitch black too ,what a washout
  21. Guys dont worrie about doing any activities it is purely on offer for those that want to do it ,as for the trax guys if you all get rained on badly I fully understand if you skip passing by so you can go home and dry off
  22. Most occasions yes it does cause this , as the cars that had them fitted as standard normally run a different layout underneath the bonnet
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