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  1. Hey guys. Been a long time but wondering if any kind soul can help out there. For a friend who has lost their radio code. Serial number: M015787 Model: 4500 Cheers everyone. Much love
  2. WTF are you guys doing scoring. I said pass the ball....
  3. Woah, just thought i'd pop in here. Is this for the red chip style pats transponder or the blue one? If its the red one surely you just need the master key to program the 2 slave keys way of programming was from the blue chip onwards. If its for the blue chip too thats useless for any escort.
  4. Also I'd say 1100 is a bit too much I'd be looking under 1k. A friend bought a mint lower milage 03 focus 1.6 and was 1300.
  5. Films always went back to the distributor after we had finished with them either to get recycled or sent onto smaller cinemas who get films released a little while after big cinema runs. Also some films got put into storage for the future. Back in the 35mm days for every screen showing a film you'd have to have a physical copy for big films there were a lot made for the first few weeks then once the film had died down a lot of these prints weren't needed. We never kept any film material. Things like the trailers got sent back too once the film was released. I think we do still have a couple of old trailers lying around somewhere but none that interesting. The sad day was when all the 35mm projectors and the ancillary equipment was ripped out. It was then was basically taken to the scrap yard. I have kept one 35mm projector on site for memories and I want to in the future get a display case for it to put it in the foyer as a bit of legacy. Especially as a lot of people don't actually know what was involved in projecting the films they saw. Can get hold of the movie merchandise we have here but the risk of getting caught selling it on isn't worth my job. There have been people in the company who have been caught on eBay and the likes selling stuff and got fired.
  6. What does your day to day job consist of? Is it maintaining something particular or manufacturing something from scratch (and what is it you work on)? I'm an avionics technician and elecrician in the Air Force, currently responsible for looking after Tristars (see sig) but if you want to know anything about most aircraft tech I can tell you...Intresting fact, ALL airliners these days can land themselves, mine was one of the first and they were made in the late seventies I watch Air Crash Investigation a lot and quite like it. Have you ever seen it and is what they are talking about accurate?
  7. I'm sorry but I also don't 'bow my head' or hero worship any footballer. Yes I like football, I enjoi playing and watching it but that does not mean I idolise any of them. People tend to overlook the many good people in football and concerntrate on the ones who maybe aren't quite such good role models, thy then label all footballers like them. There are a lot of players who give a lot back to charity's as well as many other things. These players are the ones who are usually the quiet ones. If each team has roughly 30 players in the squad multiply that by 20 teams in the Premier League then thats 600 players alone in the EPL. We still have 3 other tiers of professional football in england alone.
  8. Are flux capacitors possible can you make me a time machine if i supply a deloren? Separate jobs, three days mon-wed as IT support and 2.5 days as an employment consultant for a different prime contractor. It support covers G4s and Seetec, other job is for Avanta. (I thought the idea was that we had one big thread covering our jobs lol) Out of curiosity was that what you were offered from each job or what you decided you wanted to do? Separate jobs, three days mon-wed as IT support and 2.5 days as an employment consultant for a different prime contractor. It support covers G4s and Seetec, other job is for Avanta. (I thought the idea was that we had one big thread covering our jobs lol) Sorry wasn't clear, we can do it either way really. Suppose it doesn't really matter. What does everyone thing? One big thread or lots of little seperate ones?
  9. Do you splice single frames of pornography into family films? @ eetaylog Haha! Unfortunately no we are now fully digital. Back in the day (we only went digital last april) it was technically be possible to add a film cell from something a bit more graphic but it was never done. The old 35mm stock stuff was moved from site to site depending on who needed that film at that time so it was not uncommon for older films that come back for a special run would have random frames missing (either popular scenes or dirty ones) as projectionists at other sites would take them out as a special memento. Not something I ever did. Wasn't interested nor am I old enough and perverted enough to do it.
  10. Ok if everyone is going to post in here I suggest if you are asking anyone questions make sure you direct them at that person, put their username at the beginning. @peewee, Are both those jobs separate and part time each or as one big job?
  11. Ok, So here's an idea to get this board going a bit more. If you have a bit of an interesting (or maybe not interesting!) job why don't we do an ask us anything topic? Anything you wanted to know about that forum members job ask away (obviously without breaking any rules of your employment) We'll try and start with mine: I'm a Technical (Projection) Manager for a Major Cinema Chain in the Uk. Wanted to know anything, ask away!
  12. Too True, Lets try and change the trend.
  13. quick question regarding the pictures: when you open the camera app and point the lens at the picture you are waiting a second for it to auto focus yeah? Don't press the button so quick as that's what it might be.
  14. It might be that its saturday night and everyone is out but are they really!? I don't think so. Lets try and get something going here.... You're all annoying people. Discuss. Much love x
  15. Lame, next time you see some, email the dude with an offer. I bet thats what someone did!
  16. Fcuk me! This is why I still love escorts!
  17. Ok so i've been updating my thread on the C4Owners forum but haven't done this one in a while so here you go First of all, she's been properly cleaned! First time i've done it since owning it. Took fecking ages though. http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s237/Meekstaaa/C4%20VTS/E69759C4-E120-485F-9C67-33F29AC3A5E5-3595-000005E366993937.jpg http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s237/Meekstaaa/C4%20VTS/0D4EB9B6-9AC0-4E35-AAA0-D44374D848E8-3595-000005E35FCACBF1.jpg http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s237/Meekstaaa/C4%20VTS/B5174777-7129-4433-8FF7-7BB4A9C070D8-3595-000005E36D28BE71.jpg http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s237/Meekstaaa/C4%20VTS/5B7CA40F-73F8-47EE-A909-A3E2830F4374-3595-000005E3B8AB7103.jpg http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s237/Meekstaaa/C4%20VTS/D0325866-88FA-4ED8-A077-738ED3024459-3595-000005E376E8170E.jpg As you can see the car has the spare on it. Well after cleaning it properly I wanted to take it for some pictures. As I got about 200m up the road the car starting barking at me to stop. I had a puncture! found this in the tyre: http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s237/Meekstaaa/C4%20VTS/4D06E760-7DF8-430B-8910-A357FBC385A0-3595-000005E3527FEA26.jpg Bugger, unrepairable too. So after taking some pictures I sorted out a new tyre. £87! But anyway its on now and all is ok. http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s237/Meekstaaa/C4%20VTS/B7B6C3E0-1421-4F38-8E7C-E0CA6621E065-3595-000005F268BEFE00.jpg Was also having a lot of problems with the passenger side window. As you put it back up it popped out of the runner. Took it apart a few times and couldn't work it out until I looked again today. Decided to take the window seals off too and found a bit of foam and some dirt in the corner. This was causing the window at the front to catch it slightly and making it slow down which in turn pops the back up and out of the runner. Cleaned it up and refitted and it seems to have done the job! So glad I didn't have to buy any parts! Next on the hit list for the weekend is to clean this up: http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s237/Meekstaaa/C4%20VTS/4CE3C6F1-2B78-4A48-94A5-2860C857A497-3595-000005F9CE7999CD.jpg
  18. Regulator-gate, I like that! With this part ordered will that definitely be the end of your woes?
  19. Is there air con coming out the vents? If there is then its most likely the bulb has blown
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