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  1. i renewed mine at the post office.they did picture and digital signature got it withing 2 days
  2. well ive done a speed test and says im getting 50mbs.but if i open a page it seems fairly slow .
  3. is it possible to get 50mbs speed test but still get slow page refresh ? hope that makes sense
  4. any body see it today.one team bought scalextric set escort xr2 all in the box ,they bought it for £2o and it went at auction for £10.just wish i was there .
  5. have to get me up and running first my icv is playing up my exhaust is constantly blowing.....often with a alarming rattle my suspension is starting to creak my tires are worn my arms are a little floppy my headlights are a little dim and my bottom end is starting to knock. luckily though my gearstick is still working brilliantly. however..... so is the missus handbrake.... ..........her airbags are getting a little saggy too. That made me chuckle. +1
  6. any one on here go see it ? i went with my daughter the other day saw it in imax it was awesome,the stag effects where fantastic
  7. cheers.you know what they say the oldens are the best
  8. what do you need the clips for the ford escort ? For the focus ok then i cant help .
  9. what do you need the clips for the ford escort ?
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