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  1. JC

    JC's Escort

    they were upgraded, every thing on the car was, inc custom parts. nice to hear the seats live on. it also had a very expensive alarm and audio!
  2. JC

    my 2.3 si

    very nice, saw the pics on facebook :-)
  3. JC

    JC's Escort

    Sold it on eBay this week. For sale as it's been sat for 6mths not used. It's been neglected for about 12mths. Change of house means don't have spa a for it. Sad times
  4. JC

    JC's Escort

    For sale if anyone is interested :-(
  5. JC

    my 2.3 si

    that is the way forward IMO, i thought for ages about how to do mine and that's what i ended up doing in the end
  6. JC

    My gti

    what colour is it being sprayed? I like the boot install, very tidy
  7. Have you had the "new" ecu checked over?
  8. I think it's only for 24hrs IIRC?
  9. JC

    Escos rep

    Looks a tidy rep, let see some more pictures
  10. JC

    Engine swap

    For the hassle go 2.0 zetec
  11. JC

    My gti

    for the clips ask Wayne - Heavyrightfoot, i'm sure he has some. Looking good, did you know the st170 hand brake lever fits the escort and matches the puma door handles?
  12. magnex system with De cat, http://www.escortevolution.co.uk/forums/topic/136279-my-st170/page-3?hl=st170
  13. They are also getting very rare in the UK, ebay or car forums are your best bet
  14. JC

    Track rod

    there is a how to guide in the how to section i think
  15. thanks for the offer, bit far for me. got it sorted now :-)
  16. Wanted: Mint silver MK6 bonnet - preferably in the midlands, thanks
  17. JC

    broad band speed

    Sounds like some malware is on your pc?
  18. Cool pics, thanks for sharing
  19. For once i'm not, too skint, it's only the national circuit - may look at passenger rides instead....
  20. Lee pull ya finger out and get the car there, I want to see it!
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