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  1. Top top work, love following this. Its a 4x4 isnt it, there would be limited numbers and at a premium price.
  2. Naylor2006

    double din

    Yeh, thats what I got, to be honest, completey forgot what brand it was. There you go then, double recommendation.
  3. Naylor2006

    double din

    For a decent phone mount I strongly recommend http://www.dsldevelopments.com/ Good range of flocked items for most cars, got one in my new focus
  4. I've heard the good old story before, "yeh I got pulled over for doing 234mph but I asked when was the last time the gun was calibrated and the officer let me off', I think people tell these stories when they want to appear like they've got one up on the law.......besides Stevmo's Mondie has an invisibility mode and would never get pulled over.
  5. With that though phil, I thought that they give you the benefit of the doubt that couple mph. If your speedo says 70, their gun says 72 who is to say who's in the wrong? Thats why I always believed they gave you a percentage of leaniency. Although with a clearcut no like 76/77 in a 70 thats quite right in a resulting fine etc. The offence is strict liability, your responsible for your speedo as you are your tread depth, your lights, insurance, MOT etc.... Yes you are unlikely to get a ticket at 72 but it doesnt matter what you say to the officer if his gun has you over the speed limit. My point is, his whole topic is moot given the nature of Road Traffic Offences, theyve chosen to prosecute him, thats it. I did law and ting, know hows to copy and paste from wiki init....
  6. Surely none of this matters, the offense is strict liability, even doing 72 on the motorway is punishable if they really want to.
  7. My moneys on he was doing 150mph
  8. Ask JC to lower your warn, dude hooked me up last year, shwing. Cheers John.
  9. Naylors seats ARE full leather. What do you mean what seats are they? I think he means what are they out of / what do they look like They were from a Ghia x iirc and look like normal escort seats but all leather Might wanna PM Luke, he transferred the seats to his fiesta a while ago, I expect he still has em cause he no longer has his fiestas
  10. Road Traffic Offenses are strict liability, IE it doesnt matter really what your mind set was whether you meant to or not, whether it was an accident, whether your car was faulty etc There are obviously exceptions like if someone is holding a gun to your head but they werent. Sorry dude.
  11. Everyone goes mental at Pete once in a while, you dont have to be ill to do it......
  12. I personally enjoy the Sony Controller the best (I'm not saying it is the best), probably because it was the first one I ever used with a console, the choice is as simple as that for me, play FPS on my PC so the hosted game servers arent a consideration, practically only play FIFA on the console and never played a second hand game so not too bothered about that. XBOX is better on paper but I'm gonna get PS4, stick to what i'm used to. My main gripe with consoles in general is the fking load times of game, FIFA loading is painful.
  13. Looks lovely, its not until you see a bit of paint on their you can really get to grips with how it looks and my goodness its gonna look nice, love the colour. Make sure you dont put the Lexus lights in the rear, back to standards or half tints of something. Bang Tidy, oooosh
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